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Balls and protective cover

At Stella, we offer two types of balls: cork balls and white cork balls.

Our balls are sold by 10.

Balls and protective cover

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Competition ball x1


Diameter: 34.5mm +/- 0.2mm
Weight: 20 grams +/- 0.3 grams
Material: Elvax®750, a synthetic material, the balls are softer and rougher

Indoor Cover


La housse Indoor Stella protège votre baby-foot. Conçue pour les modèles d'intérieurs, elle s'adapte à toutes les tailles de babyfoot hormis le modèle XXL.

Sa couleur gris clair avec le logo noir de Stella est discrète et élégante. La housse permet de conserver votre baby de la poussière et d'éventuels accidents. Elle n'a pas de sangle, il suffit juste de la placer au-dessus.

Outdoor Cover


The Stella protective cover allows you to protect your outdoor table soccer, it is water repellent and it resists to all weather conditions.

Very easy to use with its straps that allow you to properly attach the cover to your table soccer. The cover also has a central bar to prevent water from stagnating and draining off to the sides.

Suitable for all types of foosball tables, the cover is also available on the Toi & Moi model.