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Billiard accessories

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Porte-Queue Stella

Stella Tail Holder


We have designed an elegant floor cue rack in solid oak with a game triangle holder, which can support 4 billiard cues. Elegant and practical, it will fit perfectly in your interior.

Règle Vintage Baby-foot

Vintage french billiard Rule


To avoid cheating, Stella suggests you discover the vintage rule of French billiards. This billiard is played with 3 balls, the goal being to hit your ball and your opponent's ball.

Règle Vintage Baby-foot

Vintage american billiard Rule


Stella offers you to never have conflicts with your friends again with the vintage rule of American billiards. Place your balls in the diamond and play with the cue ball. There are many different rules of the game: the 8-ball game, the 9-ball game and the 14-1 game.


Black pear


Black rubber pear for Billiards Nicolas Stella




Cast aluminum nozzle for Billiards Nicolas Stella

Cork ball

Cork Billiards


Set of 3 cork balls for Billiards Nicolas Stella


Aramith 48mm balls for billiards


Fruit of the alliance of the most advanced technology, the specific characteristics of the phenolic resin and the seriousness of manufacture of the Saluc company, these balls offer constant performances getting to the player a pleasure and a precision of play close to the perfection.

Magnificent colors, ultra resistant material, precision and lifespan out of the common: such are the qualities of this marble game.

Technical characteristics:

- Perfect sphericity and balance,

- Constant strength and weight,

- Stable colors,

- Perfect rolling.

Set including 15 balls numbered from 1 to 15 plus one white one.

Dimension: diameter 48 mm