Table soccer Toi & Moi 1VS1

The Toi & Moi, the mini foosball table playable by 2, will ensure you thrilling matches thanks to its reduced playing surface: the opportunity to face your opponent alone! 2 players, 2 bars for twice the fun. The small Toi & Moi 1VS1 foosball table is suitable for small spaces. It can find its place in your apartment.

Dreaming of adding a foosball table to your interior, but wondering if you have enough space to accommodate this friendly entertainment? Look no further! The Stella mini foosball table is specially designed to meet the needs of those looking to furnish their small spaces with an exciting game, without sacrificing style and aesthetics.

With its compact dimensions of 1 square meter, this little design gem fits perfectly into your apartment without cluttering your living space. It's the ideal choice for those living in restricted interiors, where every centimeter counts. Thanks to its optimal size, the Stella duo foosball table becomes your perfect ally in transforming even the tightest corners into a playful space.

In addition to being functional, this small model is a true object of beauty. Its elegant and modern design adds a touch of sophistication to your interior decoration. You no longer have to choose between an occasional piece of furniture and a foosball table, as the Stella Toi & Moi also serves as a chic side table when not in use for playing. Imagine yourself sharing a good meal or enjoying a refreshing drink around this versatile little gemThe Stella Toi & Moi foosball table is much more than just a board game; it's a centerpiece that brings conviviality and dynamism to your interior. Whether placed in your living room, game room, or even in a corner of your bedroom, it will attract attention and brighten up your living space.

So, don't let limited space deprive you of the fun of foosball! Opt for the Stella Toi & Moi foosball table and discover how entertainment and design harmoniously blend to offer you an unforgettable gaming experience in a small space.

Don't wait any longer to create a playful atmosphere in your home: adopt the Stella duo foosball table and enjoy unparalleled moments of bonding and entertainment while maintaining a chic and minimalist decoration. You can also customize your 2-player foosball table according to your preferences using our 3D configurator.

To provide you with the best service, we offer delivery within 4 weeks. Our foosball tables are shipped with the legs to assemble, accompanied by a detailed assembly manual and screw-on handles. Assembly is easy, allowing you to quickly enjoy your new foosball table.

Furthermore, we are proud to offer an exceptional 50-year warranty on the cabinet and legs for our indoor models, ensuring the durability and quality of your foosball table for decades to come. For our outdoor models, the warranty is 10 years. Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

With the Stella Duo foosball table, we push the boundaries of two-player gaming! Gone are the days of needing four players to enjoy this thrilling experience. Thanks to its innovative features, the Stella Duo foosball table allows you to play as a duo without compromising the fun of the game. Dive into captivating and stimulating matches, where you and your partner can take on exciting challenges while enjoying the timeless pleasure of foosball. This iconic game is now more accessible than ever, allowing two players to share moments of camaraderie, friendly competition, and conviviality. The Stella Duo foosball table adapts to your desires and pace, offering a flexible and enjoyable gaming experience for duos looking to spend hours of unforgettable entertainment. Let yourself be carried away by the frantic action, thrills, and camaraderie of this legendary game, without needing to be four to fully enjoy it.

The 1VS1 Foosball: an attacking and dynamic game

Get ready for thrilling and adrenaline-packed gaming moments! The Stella Toi & Moi foosball table is designed for players who love to attack and enjoy a dynamic gaming experience. Show off your strategic and shooting skills in fiery matches! 

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