Belgian table soccer

Discover our two international foosball brands: Sporting and Deutscher Meister. The Sporting range corresponds to Kickers, Belgian table soccer with the special feature of crossbars. Deutscher Meister, a foosball brand rooted in German heritage since 1950. It is officially Germany's leading foosball brand.

Have you heard of Sporting? It's theauthentic Belgian foosball kicker! Its peculiarities can sometimes confuse the French. In particular, the players and handles are made of wood in the tradition of old-fashioned games. You'll find the same original features on foosball tables in Belgium, Spain and Portugal.

With its dynamic, lively play, it's sure to challenge you! All the characteristics of kickers can be found here: sandblasted glass backgrounds, goals built into the body, drawn steel through-bars.

Les parties sont mouvementées : attaque, défense, gauche, droite. Les balles fusent de tous les côtés !

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