You will find all our coin-operated foosball tables designed for professionals. Ideal for commercial use, it will fit perfectly in bars, cafes, game rooms, campgrounds, or hotels. Coin-operated foosball tables blend seamlessly into the landscape of your establishment. The coin mechanism is available on the Star, Star Secure, Champion, Champion Collector, Toi & Moi models. You can choose from multiple coin options: 50 cents, 1 euro, or 2 euros.

You've probably come across a coin-operated mechanism before. Foosball tables with coin slots are commonly found in cafes, game rooms, and bars. To start a game, you need to insert a coin, whose weight triggers the release of the iconic cork balls. When purchasing a foosball table with a coin mechanism, you can choose the type of coin slot you'd like our craftsmen to install during fabrication in the workshop. The game can be set to either 50 cents or 1 euro.

A custom-made wooden wedge keeps the playing field raised, allowing you to retrieve the coins from the foosball table. The rules of foosball dictate that the winner of the game can continue playing in the next round, with the losers footing the bill! And beware, Stella doesn't like cheaters, as foosball is a sport that demands respect!

That's why there are 2 locks and 2 keys to close and secure the coin receptacle. It's all about being the best to avoid paying ;)

While individuals may lean towards a foosball table without a coin slot, it's not uncommon to find a magnificent coin-operated mechanism in a game room or the office of a family home. But why? For the history and passion of vintage foosball! Much like in poker, inserting a coin to earn your ball immerses you in the ambiance of the past. For some, their dream foosball table simply must have a coin mechanism.

Moreover, it's quite enjoyable to be the king of the game and have others pay for your games.

While its coin-operated mechanism already adds charm, Stella loves to pamper her creations with significant finishing touches: unique centered aluminum ball return, engraved Stella bearings, corner profile, and the option to personalize from the handles to the legs (including the players).

You can even configure your coin-operated foosball table using our 3D configurator.

Discover the authenticity of bar foosball tables in Paris, a tradition that peaked in the 1960s. Immerse yourself in a unique gaming experience, perfect for evenings with friends, lively after-work gatherings, and family moments of conviviality. Our foosball table, equipped with a coin mechanism, offers a cozy bistro atmosphere and an unparalleled gaming experience. Share cocktails, laughter, and spirited games with your loved ones in an unusual atmosphere. Experience a true Parisian bistro, where every moment becomes a legend and every game, a celebration of friendship.

Guarantee and Delivery of a Coin-Operated Bar Foosball Table

To ensure optimal service, we offer delivery within 4 weeks for our foosball tables. They are shipped with the legs to assemble, accompanied by detailed instructions and screw-on handles. Assembly is simple, allowing you to quickly enjoy your new foosball table.

We are particularly proud to offer an exceptional 50-year warranty on the cabinet and legs of our models intended for indoor use, ensuring the durability and quality of your foosball table for decades to come.

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