Outdoor table soccer

Our Outdoor Table Football has been specially designed to withstand the weather.

It will meet your desires for conviviality in all seasons.

On the performance side, you benefit from the same characteristics that stella is known for: inclined sidebands, head recoveries, rubber shock absorbers ....

Stella Outdoor – The Outdoor Foosball Table!

Whether you're the owner of a sports bar with a huge terrace or a foosball enthusiast with a garden that feels too empty, we've got you covered: The Stella Outdoor. The taupe-colored outdoor foosball table that loves the sun as much as the rain and around which we'll have wild moments. The ultimate companion for BBQ parties and a reliable ally during commercial breaks on match nights. You'll be allowed to get frustrated without worry, spill your soda on the table, and even drop pieces of chips because everything will wash away with a hose! The Stella Outdoor promises hours of table football even in the rain. Who knows, you might even invent new games...maybe a water foosball?

The Materials Making Your Foosball Table Waterproof

After smartphones, watches, and even mascara, Stella brings you the waterproof foosball table. How can you leave your foosball table in the garden all year round facing the cold, wind, and rain? Don't worry, foosball player, we appreciate your concern for your Stella Outdoor, but it's much more robust than you think. We've carefully selected the best materials to make it resistant and equip it with all the features of an outdoor foosball table.

Stella's Outdoor is 100% stainless: goals and screws are made of stainless steel for permanent outdoor use. The telescopic bars made of ground stainless steel can't rust! For this model, our craftsmen used special feet made of imputrescible solid Freijo wood. Solid wood, chosen for its authentic appearance, but especially for its resistance to moisture and UV rays. You can rest assured that your wood won't swell or bend! To allow you to wash your foosball table with a hose, you'll find a Gerflex surface under the playing field and an HPL laminate for the body. HPL laminate is a material used in swimming pools and bathrooms. Now that you know your foosball table inside out, don't feel guilty about leaving it outside! If you want to pamper it, give it a PVC cover.

A 2-in-1 Foosball Table: Indoor and Outdoor

If it doesn't fit inside, it'll fit outside! That's what makes it the best friend of homeowners with small houses and gardens. Baristas, restaurateurs, and other brave souls, we've got you covered. No more back and forth and no more drawing straws to decide who's bringing in the foosball table tonight! So, how about a game in the sun?

Furthermore, when temperatures drop, the Stella Outdoor will also integrate seamlessly into your interior thanks to its meticulously designed aesthetics and modern, timeless colors. You can play with the head on this model and perform jump shots using the oblique side strips. Discover all our Stella Foosball Tables quickly. You can also transform your foosball table into a table with our outdoor table attachment for a garden party with your friends..  

Our range of outdoor foosball tables allows you to experience the thrill of Stella foosball outdoors, all year round! You can enjoy the same robustness and Stella gameplay in all seasons! You'll find the same gameplay sensations on an outdoor foosball table as on a traditional one. We've kept features like head play, angled side strips for jump shots, and rubber shock absorbers...

Moreover, it's a real design asset for your garden. Our models and colors will enhance your terrace, emphasizing the original aspect of this foosball table. You can also customize it using the 3D configurator to make your foosball table completely unique! Offering a unique touch to your gaming experience, customize your players according to your preferences with a variety of options to create a foosball table that reflects your style.

For nearly 100 years, Stella Foosball has established itself in the world of foosball and has not hesitated to innovate to offer products that stand out and make life easier for its customers. It places the development of its outdoor range at the center of its concerns to position itself as one of the best in the outdoor foosball market. And for over 20 years, Stella has been offering outdoor foosball tables, resistant to all weather conditions, whether it's raining, snowing, or freezing. It is the pioneer of this concept which attracts more and more people. You can have your foosball table delivered in 4 weeks. At Stella, we ensure the best delivery times for outdoor foosball tables. You can also check our stock of foosball tables available for delivery within 1 week or available for immediate pickup at the Stella store. 

Pourquoi utiliser les baby-foot extérieurs ?

 Dès que le beau temps approche, il n’y a rien de plus agréable que de sortir sur sa terrasse pour profiter du bon temps et recevoir comme il se doit sa famille et ses amis. En choisissant de vous tourner vers les baby-foots d’extérieur Stella, vous profitez d’un excellent rapport qualité-prix avec une fiabilité totale sur les matériaux qui sont sélectionnés avec une très grande rigueur. Vous allez retrouver toutes les caractéristiques des baby-foot des cafés et de bars que vous allez pouvoir installer sur votre terrasse, sous un carport, sur une plage ou à proximité d’une piscine. Le confort d’utilisation et les nombreux accessoires disponibles, vous permettent de choisir une personnalisation totale qui accompagnera toute vos parties de baby. La pluie, la neige, le soleil, l’humidité et les variations de température n’altèreront pas la qualité supérieure des baby-foot OUTDOOR Stella. Ils resteront intacts dans n’importe quelles conditions climatiques. Les formes sont très caractéristiques des baby-foot des bars et des cafés du Nord de la France pour vous rappeler votre jeunesse et les moments heureux et conviviaux que vous avez partagé avec vos amis d’enfance.

Our outdoor foosball tables are designed to withstand outdoor conditions year-round, even without a cover. They feature sturdy and weather-resistant materials such as stainless steel goals and Moabi wood, a highly durable tropical wood. Their sides are made of HPL (High-Pressure Laminate), making them very easy to maintain.

We offer attractive spring colors that will make you fall in love with our models! First, we have classic colors that will perfectly complement any garden, including white, taupe, anthracite gray, and wood effects like oak. We also offer more summery colors like Cap Ferret blue and Belle-Île green, which will add a pop of color to your outdoor space! If you have a specific color or customization request, it will be possible to fulfill your wishes using our 3D configurator.

The OUTDOOR range of foosball tables required over 10 years of research and development to develop models that are durable, offer exceptional gameplay comfort, and can withstand any weather conditions. Thanks to Stella's expertise, you have the opportunity to select outdoor foosball tables that offer the same quality as indoor models.

The Sixties, Star, Home, and Toi&Moi Foosball Tables

Different models of foosball tables are available to you with various designs and finishes. Stella has developed a wide range of products to meet the needs of a wide audience, always emphasizing the quality of materials. Indeed, all outdoor foosball tables from the Stella brand share the common features of reliability and quality materials to provide you with a unique gameplay experience and to ensure their resistance to weather conditions.

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