Outdoor Pool

Our OUTDOOR pool table has been specially designed for outdoor use. Its design meets the elegance criteria of this gentlemen's game, while resisting multiple weather conditions. It's sure to satisfy your desire for conviviality in all seasons. 

Stella Outdoor - The outdoor pool table!

If you're looking for an elegant, convertible billiard table that plays smoothly, the Stella Outdoor is perfect for you. The outdoor pool table that loves sunshine and rain alike, and around which you'll have the time of your life. You'll be allowed to get mad without paying attention, to spill your wine on the tray and even pieces of potato chip, because it'll all be washed away ! The Stella outdoor billiard table promises hours of fun, even in the rain

Materials that make your pool table waterproof

After cell phones and watches, Stella makes billiards waterproof. How can you leave your billiard table out in the cold, wind and rain all year round ? Don't panic billiard fans, we appreciate the way you worry about your Stella Outdoor, but it's a lot tougher than you think. We've taken care to select the best materials to make it tough and give it all the functions of an outdoor pool table.

A 2-in-1 billiard table: indoor and outdoor :

If it doesn't fit inside, it'll fit outside! That's what makes it the best friend of owners of small houses with gardens. So how about a game in the sun?

And when temperatures drop, the Stella Outdoor will fit right in, thanks to its meticulous design. Discover all our Stella billiard tables. You can also transform your billiard table into a tennis table for an aperitif with friends. 

Our outdoor pool range lets you enjoy the sensations of Stella billiards outdoors, all year round ! You'll be able to enjoy the robustness and fluidity of play in all seasons ! You'll enjoy the same sensations of playing on an outdoor pool table as on a classic American pool table

What's more, it's a truly elegant addition to your garden. Our model will dress up your terrace by emphasizing the design aspect of this billiard table. 

For almost 65 years, Stella has been part of the billiard world, innovating to offer products that stand out from the ordinary and make life easier for its customers. One of the company's main concerns is the development of an outdoor range. Stella offers outdoor pool tables that can withstand all weathers, rain, snow or freeze

You can have your billiard table delivered within 4 weeks

Stella offers you a long-term buying experience ! In fact, your outdoor billiard table comes with a 2-year warranty, should you encounter any problems. With the Stella guarantee, you can be sure of maximum satisfaction !

Why use an outdoor pool table?

As soon as the warm weather approaches, there's nothing more pleasant than getting out onto your terrace or garden to enjoy the good weather and entertain family and friends in style. By choosing the Stella outdoor pool table, you benefit from excellent value for money and total reliability in terms of carefully selected materials. You'll find all the features of club billiards that you'll be able to install on your terrace, in a garden, under a carport, on a beach or near a swimming pool. Rain, snow, sun, humidity and temperature variations won't affect the superior quality of your OUTDOOR Stella billiard table. It will remain intact in all weather conditions.

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