Discover all our accessories for your foosball table: covers, table and step trays and Stella merchandise: caps, game rules, books and trophies.

To understand the rules of foosball and billiards, just take a look at the vintage rules for all our models.

A new Stella collection is out, with Stella Baby-football and billiards flocked caps in Stella colors: blue and red.

You can also wear our Stella t-shirts, in grey or blue, as you like!

If you're organizing a table soccer competition in your company to challenge your staff, here's the Stella trophy to reward the winner of the tournament. A trophy made up of Stella players.

The great book "Nos années baby-foot, Mille et une facettes d'un objet toujours dans le jeu", published by Akapella. Learn about the history of the popular game of foosball.

Discover all our table soccer accessories

Foosball cover

Stella offers accessories for your foosball table, with indoor and outdoor covers for all models from 2 players to 4 players.

Foosball steps

Youngsters will be able to play foosball with the steps, and your children will be in complete safety, with access to the handles and a view of the foosball pitch. The footboards are the perfect match for your table soccer, available in indoor and outdoor versions, with a storage function. 

Table top for table soccer

Turn your table soccer into a table.

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