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Second-hand Taupe Outdoor Home Foosball Table

€2,479.00 -10% €2,231.10

At Stella, we advocate for table football as a true sport! We even wanted to practice it outdoors, so we crafted an Outdoor Taupe Home Foosball Table, the ultra-durable outdoor model without compromising the joy of playing. Its place is in the garden all year round, for your utmost enjoyment. The taupe foosball table is at -10%; it's a second-hand model because the players are second-hand and slightly damaged. You also have the option of a marked pitch on this foosball table.

Second-hand Taupe Outdoor Home Foosball Table

€2,399.00 -20% €1,919.20

At Stella, we champion table football as a true sport! We even wanted to play it outdoors, so we crafted a Taupe Outdoor Home Foosball Table, the ultra-resistant outdoor model without compromising the enjoyment of the game. Its place is in the garden all year round, for your greatest pleasure. The taupe foosball table is at -20%; it's a second-hand model because the players are second-hand, the mat has marks and is worn out, there's an impact on the corner, and the goals are damaged.


Relive all the emotion of the coffee years


A special selection among our models!


A special selection among our models!

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Foosball Stella Club


Foosball Stella Home Black


Foosball Stella Champion Collector Yellow


Standard 2m10 American billiards : Scipion billiards



Stella Baby-Foot guarantees a French know-how since 1928. It is a real actor of innovation with its models of table soccer and billiards. It also puts all its energy into limiting its environmental impact as much as possible.

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Football Table Stella Champion Collector yellow

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Football Table Stella Champion Collector black

Baby-foot Home Outdoor Taupe

Table soccer Home Outdoor Taupe grey carpet

€2,239.00 -10% €2,015.10
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Foosball Stella Champion Collector Kansas Oak


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Stella Baby-Foot offers a wide range of table soccer

Stella Baby-Foot is a pioneer in outdoor foosball. Its outdoor models are made from materials that are resistant to all types of weather.

Discover our table soccer machines declined in different models for bars, cafes, game rooms, camping or hotels.


Two ranges of billiards declined in several models.

Our compact billiards come in American, French and golf versions. They are adapted to small spaces: with its small size of 1m60 of pleasure and design.

Invented by Nicolas Redler, nicolas billiards is a game of skill that takes the form of a circular track.

Unique game Stella Foosball

Skipped balls and head play

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100% French artisanal manufacturing

Since 1928, transmission of Stella know-how

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2 generation warranty

Body guaranteed for 50 years

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our other Stella games

Discover our Cornhole games and Stella darts

White Cornhole Outdoor x2


Traditional Stella Dartboard, Darts, and Dartboard Stand

€290.00 -10% €261.00

Taupe Cornhole Outdoor x2


Billiards Nicolas Family 4 players


Stella Baby-Foot, French manufacturer since 1928

At Stella, all our foosball tables are designed in a traditional way in our workshops in Tourcoing. A small team of 20 people, passionate about their work and proud of their French know-how, ensure the durability of the brand


Since 1928, Stella Baby Foot has been committed to a single ambition: to offer foosball players the emotions of a moment shared with their family or the adrenaline of a competition between friends. 

In their workshop in the North of France, Stella's teams put all their energy into producing 100% French foosball tables, which, thanks to their design that combines tradition and modernity, will blend perfectly with your game room, your bar or even your garden.

Designed by Stella with the passion and desire to meet around real pleasures, this historical game seduces all game lovers... young and old!

For those nostalgic for the café and bistro years, you will find the mythical model: the Stella Champion Yellow and Red Bar. We do not forget to renew our ranges with more contemporary models like the Stella Home or the Champion Millésime.

Buying a Stella table soccer is to offer yourself a piece of history and heritage in your home or even in your garden.


It is in our workshops in Tourcoing, in the Hauts de France, that our carpenters, cabinetmakers and painters put all their passion into making Stella table footballs. We attach great importance to offering you quality products.

Thus, our Stella Foosball tables are passed on from generation to generation. We also have all the spare parts in stock to maintain your foosball table.

As a foosball manufacturer since 1928, we benefit from a recognized and proven experience.

We offer historical models, such as the Stella Rétro, an identical replica of the first models to leave our workshops in the 1950s.


Thanks to our very flexible workshop and our production on demand, Stella is pleased to create a custom-made foosball table, according to your desires and wishes.

Our wide range of customization options will allow you to have a unique foosball table that looks and feels just like you.

It goes from the choice of the color, the shape of the handles to the addition of a coin box according to your most crazy desires.

You can imagine the customization of your own soccer team. The only limit is your imagination!

The soccer table is an object that conveys values of conviviality and team spirit. It is a real communication support, striking and atypical.

By customizing it, you offer yourself a unique and remarkable table soccer.

With a Stella Baby Foot, everything is possible, at reasonable costs and with very short lead times!


You can customize your table football on our 3D configurator. And if you wish, our entire team is at your disposal to accompany you.

3D Configurator

Craving a foosball table in your colors ?

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