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Relive all the emotion of the coffee years


A special selection among our models!


A special selection among our models!

Foosball Stella Club


Since 1928, Stella is the reference brand of quality table football made in France. Want to spend unforgettable moments with the family? Opt for the beech-colored Stella Club table football and bring the atmosphere of the warmest bars and estaminets to the heart of your living room.

Foosball Stella Home Black


Our Stella Home table football is the possibility of having a qualitative family foosball and having a wide choice of models and colors. For the Home table football, we have worked on the aesthetics to offer you many variations and a wide choice of design. Find colors more specific to current interiors such as the mole or the very trendy foosball concrete effect!

  • - Hand-painted melamine wooden feet
  • - Anodized aluminum angle profiles
  • - Stainless steel bearings
  • - Gerflex game mats on a rigid background
  • - Aluminum players screwed on the bar

Customize this foosball in 3D here.

Foosball Stella Champion Collector Yellow


Want a collector's foosball? The Stella Champion Collector foosball is the exact replica of coffee with all Stella finishes and accessories. Period ashtrays (the one where you could smoke in the cafes) and a fusion: retro / contemporary ultra successful!

  • - Hand-painted solid beech feet
  • - Aluminum bearings signed "Stella Champion"
  • - Stainless steel perforated goal cages
  • - Game mat drawn in Gerflex on a soft background
  • - Equipped with 4 ashtrays and a drawn carpet

Standard 2m10 American billiards : Scipion billiards

The Scipion Standard 2m10 American billiard table is the latest addition to our range of billiard tables. A standard-size billiard table with an elegant design, black steel legs and an oak top. One look is enough to succumb to its charm.
It combines the finest materials: solid oak and black steel.
The Standard 2m10 is a 100% French design that will revive your emotions of yesteryear.


Stella Baby-Foot guarantees a French know-how since 1928. It is a real actor of innovation with its models of table soccer and billiards. It also puts all its energy into limiting its environmental impact as much as possible.


Our latest creations

Foosball Stella Champion Millesime Outdoor White


The Stella Champion Millesime Outdoor foosball table will dress up your terrace or your garden. Particular attention is paid to its bi-material HPL body. A resistant and solid model, perfect for the outside, whether it's windy, rainy or snowy. 

For even more protection, on this Millesime model, Stella offers you the option of an outdoor cover worth 159€.

Billiards Nicolas Luxury 6 players


A little history: The Billiards with Bellows Nicolas is invented in 1895 by Mr. Nicolas. Since then, this game has been growing in France but is still unknown abroad. This is a game of skill that is suitable for all ages. It is the game that brings the family around the table to exchange and have fun together. A unique moment to share!

Foosball Stella Champion Collector Kansas Oak


The Stella Champion Collector is an exact replica of a coffee table with all the Stella finishes and accessories. Its body is made of Kansas Oak, a natural wood with grey and reddish tones.


Compact pool table : the Chiberta

American Chiberta billiards is an elegant billiards and seductive by its compact size and retro style. One look is enough to succumb to its charm.

It combines noble materials: oak and brushed aluminum.

The Chiberta of 100% French design revives your emotions of yesteryear.

Our universes


Stella Baby-Foot offers a wide range of table soccer

Stella Baby-Foot is a pioneer in outdoor foosball. Its outdoor models are made from materials that are resistant to all types of weather.

Discover our table soccer machines declined in different models for bars, cafes, game rooms, camping or hotels.


Two ranges of billiards declined in several models.

Our compact billiards come in American, French and golf versions. They are adapted to small spaces: with its small size of 1m60 of pleasure and design.

Invented by Nicolas Redler, nicolas billiards is a game of skill that takes the form of a circular track.

Unique game Stella Foosball

Skipped balls and head play

Learn more >

100% French artisanal manufacturing

Since 1928, transmission of Stella know-how

Learn more >

2 generation warranty

Body guaranteed for 50 years

Learn more >

Stella Baby-Foot, French manufacturer since 1928

At Stella, all our foosball tables are designed in a traditional way in our workshops in Tourcoing. A small team of 20 people, passionate about their work and proud of their French know-how, ensure the durability of the brand


Since 1928, Stella Baby Foot has been committed to a single ambition: to offer foosball players the emotions of a moment shared with their family or the adrenaline of a competition between friends. 

In their workshop in the North of France, Stella's teams put all their energy into producing 100% French foosball tables, which, thanks to their design that combines tradition and modernity, will blend perfectly with your game room, your bar or even your garden.

Designed by Stella with the passion and desire to meet around real pleasures, this historical game seduces all game lovers... young and old!

For those nostalgic for the café and bistro years, you will find the mythical model: the Stella Champion Yellow and Red Bar. We do not forget to renew our ranges with more contemporary models like the Stella Home or the Champion Millésime.

Buying a Stella table soccer is to offer yourself a piece of history and heritage in your home or even in your garden.


It is in our workshops in Tourcoing, in the Hauts de France, that our carpenters, cabinetmakers and painters put all their passion into making Stella table footballs. We attach great importance to offering you quality products.

Thus, our Stella Foosball tables are passed on from generation to generation. We also have all the spare parts in stock to maintain your foosball table.

As a foosball manufacturer since 1928, we benefit from a recognized and proven experience.

We offer historical models, such as the Stella Rétro, an identical replica of the first models to leave our workshops in the 1950s.


Thanks to our very flexible workshop and our production on demand, Stella is pleased to create a custom-made foosball table, according to your desires and wishes.

Our wide range of customization options will allow you to have a unique foosball table that looks and feels just like you.

It goes from the choice of the color, the shape of the handles to the addition of a coin box according to your most crazy desires.

You can imagine the customization of your own soccer team. The only limit is your imagination!

The soccer table is an object that conveys values of conviviality and team spirit. It is a real communication support, striking and atypical.

By customizing it, you offer yourself a unique and remarkable table soccer.

With a Stella Baby Foot, everything is possible, at reasonable costs and with very short lead times!


You can customize your table football on our 3D configurator. And if you wish, our entire team is at your disposal to accompany you.

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