Secure table soccer

If you're looking for a protected foosball table for public areas, the Closed foosball table is for you. It features a particularly resistant glass panel that allows it to be completely closed. Thanks to an anti-theft rail, the ball insertion system secures all attempts at theft, while maintaining the quality of Stella play. 

This is the secure Stella foosball table par excellence. It's designed to be available to everyone. You'll find it in many public places, for example, to keep you busy and entertained while you wait.

Its design makes ittotally enclosed by a highly resistant glass panel, and a ball insertion system with anti-theft rail. So you don't have to worry about theft or damage. This foosball table will bring you peace of mind and reliability.

Based on the Stella Star model, it has all the qualities of a durable, sturdy product: varnished feet and high-resistance vinyl matting.

It's a legendary model in the café tradition. Designed to be completely secure, you can rest assured that your table soccer will be protected.

The Star Secure is designed for high schools, associations, shopping centers, soccer stadiums, train stations, airports and hospitals. In short, any place where the table soccer may be at risk . It can also be secured to the floor for protection.

Our foosball tables come with a 50-year warranty. You can be sure of a long-lasting foosball table.

This foosball table is inspired by the star model. It features all the same characteristics: gerflex matting, melamine wood body, solid beech legs, aluminum players, stainless steel goal cage and reinforced rubber shock absorbers. Special features include a chrome-plated steel anti-theft ball drop system and Securit protective glass.

The star secure is available in several colors: vintage yellow, pure white, waxed concrete, sidereal black, carmine red, taupe and beech.

You can personalize it by defining the various option colors, adding a coin slot or contacting our teams to add logos, for example.

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