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Nostalgic for those unforgettable moments spent in bars or at university challenging your friends from back in the day? There's no need to despair. With its tradition range of foosball tables, Stella offers you the chance to relive the most beautiful emotions of your youth with vintage foosball tables: Club, Home, Star, and Champion.

Stella embodies an unparalleled historical dimension in the world of foosball since its creation in Paris in 1928. Discover the history of Stella here.

Iconic models such as the yellow Champion Collector and the Retro model have laid the groundwork for a game that has become much more than just a pastime in bars and cafes across France.

These historical origins imbue each Stella foosball table with an aura of tradition and authenticity, making every game a dive into the rich past of social entertainment. These vintage wooden games have left their mark on every generation. 

With Stella, customization is at the heart of the experience. Our 3D configurator offers a multitude of combinations to create the foosball table of your dreams.

From the iconic colors of the yellow and red Champion to more subtle shades in black, white, red, yellow, beech, and a variety of solid woods like spruce, Kansas oak, and rubberwood, the possibilities are endless. Stella strives to bring your vision to life, thus offering a unique foosball table that perfectly suits your style.

You can also customize the color of the legs, teams, score counters, and much more. You have a multitude of choices to give your foosball table a vintage or modern design.

Stella places quality at the heart of its manufacturing process. Based in Tourcoing, our factory houses skilled wood artisans dedicated to creating solid and durable foosball tables. Each piece receives special attention, with the use of high-quality wood and artisanal techniques passed down through generations.

Our exceptional 50-year warranty speaks to our commitment to durability. Additionally, our fast delivery system ensures that you receive your custom foosball table in just 4 weeks, providing an exceptional experience for all enthusiasts of this iconic game.

Looking for even quicker delivery? Fantastic! We have foosball tables in stock, available for delivery within a week or ready for immediate pickup at our store. We offer the best manufacturing and delivery times for purchasing your customized foosball table.

If you're unsure about placing an order with us, check out our reviews on verified reviews by clicking here.

In this category, explore our exclusive selection of 4-player foosball tables designed specifically for indoor spaces. Additionally, discover our range dedicated to outdoor activities by following the link below. Our foosball tables are versatile, suitable for all uses: whether entertaining passionate amateurs, bringing families together for memorable games, meeting professional requirements, or even equipping schools in search of fun and friendly moments. Whatever your need, we have the perfect foosball table for you. Explore our collection and find the ideal companion for hours of gameplay and shared enjoyment.

Club Foosball Table

The quintessential foosball table for beginners, evoking nostalgia for high school days and lively games among friends. Specially designed for family moments, this model impresses with its affordable price without compromising game quality. Its simple and sleek design perfectly complements your interior, especially since you can customize it with the color of your choice.

This model, suitable for beginner players, does not include the head play due to the smaller size of its players. Head play becomes available starting from the Home model. Despite its excellent value for money, no compromises are made on the selected materials and the gameplay comfort it offers. Enjoy an accessible foosball experience without compromising on quality.

Home Foosball Table

A model designed to delight the whole family, from grandparents to the smallest children. Let yourself be carried away by pleasant moments in the company of the Home model.

Unlike the Club model, head play and jump balls make their return, thus offering a diversification of the game and the possibility to explore new offensive or defensive strategies to spice up each game. Combining exceptional quality with a reasonable price, this foosball table will charm with its vintage appeal.

Star Foosball Table

The Star foosball table allows you to master your attacks, intercept balls, and refine your defense, preparing you to face opponents with a high level of play. Even with intensive use, the gameplay comfort and robustness of the Star model remain unaltered. Its elegance and vintage look evoke memories of foosball tables from cafes.

This football table is the ultimate "professional" reference, ideal for extended training sessions. The foosball table with a boat-type body appeals to both professionals and passionate amateurs, offering an exceptional gaming experience.

Champion Foosball Table

If you're looking for the iconic model from the 1960s, the Champion Collector is made for you! This blend of contemporary design and retro look will seamlessly integrate into your interior, making it an object of admiration par excellence. Its beech legs provide great stability to the foosball table to ensure intense games. And for the most nostalgic, the product is composed of 4 round ashtrays engraved with "Tourcoing," just like in the old days! Furthermore, the perforated goals unique to this model offer a distinctive and recognizable look among all.qualityy

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