Handisport table soccer

Our Handi foosball table is unique in that it has been developed specifically for people with disabilities. Its straight legs are specially designed to allow free movement around the table, even with a wheelchair.me avec un fauteuil roulant.

By offering the Handi foosball table, we want to make our foosball tables accessible to everyone. Over the years, Stella has met many players with disabilities. We've created a bespoke foosball table with a special height to accommodate four wheelchair users.

This ensures comfortable play for people with reduced mobility. Whether you use it with or without a wheelchair, your game will not be impaired.

You can have it at home as well as in an association. This way, the handicap barrier can be lifted and good times can be shared.

Even though the Stella has a body adaptedfor handisport use, its game remains intact, and you'll have just as much fun with it as with our other table soccer models. With its head games, jumping balls and inimitable quality, this Stella foosball table promises memorable moments with no limits.

The handisport model is 180 cm long, and the legs arestraight so that wheelchairs can slide under the table. Its height of 93 cm gives players extra comfort when playing. What's more, the ball retrievers are on the sides for easy access.

The Handi's technical features include a gerflex mat, a melamine-coated wooden body, solid beech legs and stainless steel goals. Enjoy the head game and jump balls that have made Stella such a success!

You can choose the colors of your choice: waxed concrete, pure white, vintage yellow, sidereal black, carmine red, taupe or beech. For more information on this product, please contact our team, who will be delighted to tell you all about the Handi foosball table. What's more, you can customize the different options...

Whether you're on your feet or in a wheelchair , come and enjoy a friendly game of table soccer .

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