Stella Games

Explore new horizons in the world of entertainment with Stella games ! Beyond football tables and pool tables, dive into the joy of darts and cornholes with the iconic Stella design. A novel gaming experience awaits, where each game adds a new dimension to your entertainment. Rediscover the joy of play with Stella's distinctive style.

Our dartboard stand is meticulously crafted to seamlessly complement the iconic design of our football tables, adding a harmonious touch to your game room or arcade. Customize it to your preferences for a unique experience.

Explore our range of dartboards, from the modern H4L connected dartboard by Védart to the traditional cork dartboard by Royal Darts. Whatever your gaming style, at Stella, we have everything to cater to your preferences. Make every dart game an exceptional experience, perfectly aligned with the distinctive style of your Stella football tables.

Transform your garden into a playground with Stella's 100% outdoor cornholes, perfectly matching our outdoor football tables. Crafted from weather-resistant HPL, these cornholes are designed to withstand the elements while maintaining their elegance. Choose from a diverse color palette, including white, anthracite gray, taupe, as well as bi-toned blue and white or green and white, all proudly featuring the Stella logo.

Cornhole, an exciting precision game, involves tossing bags filled with corn seeds through a central hole. This playful and sociable activity adds an extra layer of entertainment to your garden. Stella presents you with an assortment of outdoor games, skillfully merging the joy of cornhole with the unmistakable style of our football tables.

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