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White Stella Champion Collector soccer table

€2,349.00 -10% €2,114.10

The pre-owned white Stella Champion Collector foosball table is an exact replica of a café with all Stella finishes and accessories. Vintage ashtrays and an ultra-successful retro/contemporary fusion.

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Stella Champion Collector Red foosball table

€2,349.00 -10% €2,114.10

The collection Champion by Stella is THE ultimate foosball table’s pub! This mixture of design contemporary and of retro look will become integrated into the perfection in your home, and will make an object of archetypal admiration.

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Used white Stella Home table soccer

€1,529.00 -15% €1,299.65

Our Stella Home foosball table gives you the option of a high-quality family foosball table. For the Home Red foosball table, we've focused on aesthetics.

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Used Stella Home Kansas Oak foosball table

€1,549.00 -20% €1,239.20

Our Stella Home foosball table is a quality family foosball table made from Kansas Oak, a natural wood in shades of gray and russet. Delivery within 1 week

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Used Stella Champion Outdoor Blue soccer table

€3,370.00 -15% €2,864.50

The Stella Champion Outdoor Anthracite Gray foosball table is a new addition to our outdoor range, a model that withstands all temperatures. Its modern and stylish anthracite gray color easily complements your terrace furniture.

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Used Home Outdoor white table soccer

€2,479.00 -10% €2,231.10

At Stella, we claim table football as a real sport! We even wanted to play it outside, so we made a Home Blanc Outdoor table football, the outdoor model that is ultra resistant without altering the pleasure of the game. It can be used in the garden all year round, for your pleasure. It is available with the option of a jack to stabilise the table football on your field and the option of a carpet for the aesthetics of the football field.

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Star Outdoor Green Belle-Île table soccer

€3,159.00 -15% €2,685.15

The best thing about the Stella Star Outdoor foosball table is that you don't have to worry about it in the rainy season. Thanks to its treated wood, it's highly weather-resistant. Its pastel Vert Belle Île color will blend in perfectly with your garden. Shown here with optional jack to stabilize the table soccer on your ground.