UA second life for your foosball tables with used Stella foosball tables. If you're looking for a foosball table with imperfections aesthetically but with excellent playability, opt for a table from the recycling center.. 

Today, the Stella teams have managed to showcase a range of playable foosball tables to give them a new lease of life through recycling. As effective as a new model, the used foosball table is offered in a perfectly functional condition. Ideal for those looking to invest on a smaller budget, the refurbished foosball table will thus satisfy even the most demanding players.

Contrary to what many may think, a used foosball table offers functionalities identical to those of a new one. Despite some aesthetic flaws, our teams ensure the proper functioning of the foosball table with the head play and the Stella jump balls.

Indeed, each damaged foosball table is refurbished by an expert in assembly, painting, or carpentry from our Stella workshops to ensure optimal gameplay. Today, by choosing to opt for used foosball tables and extending the lifespan of our products, already guaranteed for 50 years, we aim to go even further to offer you sustainable products. 

Aware of the multiple stakes involved in purchasing a used foosball table, the Stella teams make available to you all these refurbished models in order to meet the needs and expectations of the most demanding customers.

With precise quality control performed before being put up for sale and a 50-year warranty, you can rest assured that you will enjoy a used model with peace of mind.

Available for delivery, pick-up at the store, or on our website, come find a second-hand foosball table that will meet all your expectations at Stella.

Delivery of used foosball tables

The delivery of our used foosball tables is done directly from our workshop in Tourcoing. You will receive your order within a week, with only the legs to assemble and the handles to screw on. Our process is simple and fast, guaranteeing a quality service that prioritizes you !

The foosball tables are delivered with a set of balls, including cork and plastic balls. You also have the option to surprise yourself by adding to your cart our Stella competition balls, which are similar to the ITSF standards in yellow, or even better.

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