Foosball Stella Retro red coin-operated

For you, we have taken out of our drawers an old recipe for making foosball from the years 1948. The Stella Retro is the exact reissue of the model present in 1953 during the organization of the first French foosball championships. If we had to characterize it in 2 words: Robustness and authenticity.



Retro red body and feet


Black PVC play mat with soft backing

Aluminium shield and retro perforated goals

Aluminum players


Height: 93 cm

Length: 140 cm

Width: 100 cm

Weight: 115 kg

Playing surface: PVC on a flexible base

Body material: Beech veneered slats

Legs: Hand-painted solid beech

Player material: Painted aluminum

Bar material : Chromed steel

Bar type : Telescopic

Bar diameter: 15 mM

Package size : 175 x 115 x 70 cm

Size of playing surface: 132 x 73 cm

Balls: supplied with 3 natural cork balls, 1 white cork ball and 1 white plastic ball

Assembly: only screw-on feet and handles

Warranty: 2 Generations *

Play with your head with this model

Possibility to make jumping balls thanks to the oblique side strips


2 generations*: Case and legs = 50 years; Bars and mechanical parts: 2 years*


Play with the head on this model

Stella style of play is unique and cannot be overstated. Large players are set up on this table to allow play with the players' heads.

Possibility to make jumping balls

Thanks to the slanted strips at the ends of the mat, you will be able to lob your opponent to score unforgettable goals.

Easy to assemble

Screws and nuts supplied on delivery or in the workshop. The 4 legs can be easily screwed on with a 17 mm spanner. Once tightened, the table is secure and the game can begin.

2 generation warranty

We have confidence in our table footballs as they are manufactured and designed in our workshops in Tourcoing. The body and legs are guaranteed for 50 years and the bars and mechanical parts for 2 years.



Days to change your mind




years of experience

THE SPECIFICS OF THE retro coin-operator

The Stella Rétro - a limited edition table football

Buying the Stella Retro foosball table is like buying a piece of Stella history. It is a star model in our history that made us famous and that is coming back in force with the vintage trend. A vintage and collectible foosball table, made in the old fashioned way from solid wood . In 2017, our color palette is wider, so you can give it a different character and style depending on your choice: a "so british" red that reminds the English phone booths, a rock black or a beech color for a refined and cocooning decoration? Opt for walnut for a rustic table football. Stand out even more with a customised table football and our Stella options: a specific unique colour to match your sofa? Chrome and Nickel players on a Stella Retro Walnut model? Everything is customizable as an option! Upon delivery, you will receive a numbered certificate of authenticity for this collector's signature foosball table.

baby-foot retro

A solid piece of wood for a quality table football!

The reputation of the Stella Rétro foosball table is not only based on its charm. It also stands out with the solidity of a solid piece of wood and the specificities of the Stella game. Relive championship tournaments with French-style play: Tape, strip, trade and regular blocking are achievable with the help of slanted side strips and players. The fluidity of the game and the regularity of the controls are facilitated by a flexible bottom in Gerflex on this model. The tracing of the field is present directly on the Retro Stella table football as well as the coin slot (0,5€ or 1€). Use the 2 keys delivered with the table football to open it like a safe and easily recover the coins in the coin box. Very resistant in time, our 50's foosball table is one of our most historical tables with the Champion Collector. The goals are identical to those of the period, perforated in steel and hand-painted in our workshops. Connoisseurs will have quickly understood that the high and arched shape of the goals gives you the possibility to lob the ball over the goal bar. Who says coffee table football, says ? Ashtrays! 4 ashtrays are present in the corners of your table football to finish with a magnificent outlet of balls in relief and wood.

Stella delivers its foosball tables all over the world!

Stella's passion for football knows no limits or borders. That's why we can send and deliver our foosball tables all over the world on your specific request. So maybe the 100 kg historical Retro will soon be on another continent?

Available in yellow and red, black, red, beech and walnut. Want to see other foosball tables?

baby-foot retro


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