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Foosball Stella Club

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Since 1928, Stella is the reference brand of quality table football made in France. Want to spend unforgettable moments with the family? Opt for the beech-colored Stella Club table football and bring the atmosphere of the warmest bars and estaminets to the heart of your living room.

  • - Soft rubber shock absorbers (for specific purposes)
  • - Telescopic bars made of stretched steel
  • - Stainless steel goal cages
  • - Green Gerflex game mats on a rigid background
  • - Aluminum players screwed on the bar
  • Carpet color: Green
  • Carpet color: Gray
  • Carpet color: Black
  • Carpet color: Red
  • Carpet color: Blue
  • Team 1: Red
  • Team 1: Blue
  • Team 1: Black
  • Team 1: White
  • Team 2: Red
  • Team 2: blue
  • Team 2: black
  • Team 2: White

Stella, a champion foosball table at home.

Making table football is what we do best at Stella: Solid materials that will withstand the excitement of the most dynamic or clumsy player. Swinging, passing, crossing and kicking are all possible and made easier by the materials used to make a quality table.

The solid legs and the reinforced body offer a stability that facilitates the shooting and the learning of table football. Our Stella Club model is theultimate beginner's table football, with soft rubber shock absorbers and a Gerflex playing mat for a quick grip and a very comfortable game. Share with your children (young and old) your memories in the smallest detail: like the inimitable sound of a beautiful goal in a stainless steel cage, or your mastery of the lob with the help of cork balls. A very good value for money to offer a first champion and quality table football at home.

From Stella to home: The club, made for families:

Is it possible to have a family price while keeping the Stella quality? Yes, our Club model is a complete project from Stella to offer you a coffee table at home and a very good price-quality ratio. You will find on this model, a beech coloured medium wood body without forgetting the Stella bars of 15 mm diameter in unalterable chromed steel as on our table football! The players are also made of solid aluminium and hand-painted. The rectangular stainless steel goalposts will facilitate maintenance and durability over time and you also have a choice of handle shapes. This entry level model does not compromise on the quality of the materials and is manufactured in the pure tradition of Stella's artisanal manufacturing processes in Tourcoing, France! So how do our carpenters make an affordable foosball table with top quality?

The legs of the Club are made of raw melamine, unlike the older ones which have a more elaborate shape and are hand-painted, which takes more time to make. Some finishes such as the anodized aluminum corner profiles are not present and the model is not customizable or the bearings which are in hard plastic. Finally, the players are smaller and do not allow the game with the head so particular of the Stella table football. This is the beginner version of the Stella Home, our second model in the Amateur range. This does not take away from the many possibilities of playing with jumping balls and all the other features of a good table football! The legs of your table football are equipped with spacers for extra stability, which is essential during hectic games. The ball outlet on the side of the table for quick storage and retrieval. The whole team is proud to offer you the quality and durability of Stella at home at a price we hope you will find affordable!

Want to treat yourself to a little finishing touch? We offer, as an option on this model, the tracing of the carpet with the beautiful Stella signature!

Cork balls are offered and the choice in the shape of the handles:

With the purchase of the Stella Club we offer you 5 cork balls. Good to know, the cork, but also the oblique side strips present on the carpet will allow you to make jumping balls! You will play better on a Stella table football, do you know why? Because our secret is to offer you a comfortable game, tailor-made to suit you: Round or longer handles? And why not offer you the famous black bakelite handles?

You want even more emotions, even more memories, more yellow, more youth? Take pleasure in discovering our Tradition Caférange !

Dimensions and weight :

  • Height : 93 cm
  • Length : 158 cm
  • Width : 100 cm
  • Weight : 62 kg

Materials of the Stella Club :

  • Playing surface: green gerflex mat on rigid base
  • Material of the body : Melamine wood
  • Material feet : Melamine wood
  • Cage material : Stainless steel
  • Material of players : Aluminium
  • Material of bars : chrome-plated drawn steel
  • Type of bars : telescopic
  • Bar diameter : 15 mm

Packing information :

  • Package size : 173 x 115 x 52 cm
  • Playing surface size : 126 x 73 cm

Stella's little extras :

  • Balls : delivered with 5 cork balls
  • Assembly : Only the feet to screw
  • Guarantee : 2 Generations *
  • Color : Beech
  • Note : No play with the head on this model

2 generations* : Case and legs = 50 years ; Bars and mechanical parts : 2 years*

baby foot made in france


  • Delivered with 5 free cork balls
  • Customization : Choice of handles


  • Bakelite handles
  • PCVC protective cover
  • Traced game background


Silk-screen printing with the logo of your choice, LED lighting in the foosball table, tracings, gluing of personalized stickers.

With Stella everything is possible!



  • Delivery within 10 to 15 days
  • Adjustments and verification in our workshop by our experts
  • Easy to assemble: only the legs need to be fixed
  • 15 days to change your mind - After sales service available!
  • Delivery only on the ground floor
  • Contact us for a delivery with handling
  • Reinforced side protection on the top and sides of your package