Stella promises

Made in France

We guarantee a French know-how since 1928. Our foosball tables are handcrafted in our workshops in Tourcoing and we are committed to supporting the local economy

Our products have been manufactured in France for 90 years. First located in Paris, then in Oye-Plage, you can now find our workshops in Tourcoing in Hauts-De-France. Recognized for its craftsmanship, Stella takes care of the design, the manufacturing and the shipping of the table footballs. We work with French partners to promote a local economy.

Satisfied customer

We ensure our customers' satisfaction by offering them high quality products with resistant and durable materials.

We are also at your disposal for any advice, recommendation or problem encountered. Responding to your requests is our priority. 

At Stella, we care about the well-being of our customers. We evolve our follow-up processes in order to optimize the guarantee of a quality service. Our teams are at your disposal for any information on the products. They also take care of answering any problems encountered. 

The company has set up many contact processes in order to be flexible and attentive to your needs in our workshops, by telephone, via social networks, by email or by video conference. Stella is committed to offering real-time innovations in a constantly changing world. 

The Stella team is committed
to keeping its promises
to its customers

2 generation guarantee

In order to offer you durable foosball tables and billiard tables, we provide a 50-year warranty on the body and legs.

All our products are designed with resistant and quality materials, ensuring them durability and a preserved game. 

The spare parts of the foosball tables are guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase. 

According to your wishes

Our foosball tables and billiards are customizable to fit your needs and desires.

Choose a model that will be perfectly adapted to your interior and exterior

You can customize the colors and materials. 

In addition, there are hyper-customization options that allow you to get a custom-designed foosball table in our workshop. 

For a visualization of the model, the 3D configurator will help you visualize the table of your dreams. 

At Stella, we care about you. Your expectations and needs are our priority!

Products for everyone

Stella offers a large number of models, foosball and billiards, meeting your expectations. A table soccer duo, XXL, handi, secure, outdoor, many solutions have been made to satisfy you

There are many models that are suitable for all types of people: adults, children or people with disabilities. 

For groups and duos, people looking for vintage charm or those looking for modernity, whoever you are we have the table soccer or pool table that you need.