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Football Table Stella Champion Collector black

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The collection Champion by Stella is THE ultimate foosball table’s pub! This mixture of design contemporary and of retro look will become integrated into the perfection in your home, and will make an object of archetypal admiration.


Its beech table legs provide great stability in foosball table to guarantee you great games.

And for the nostalgic, the product consists of four rounds ashtrays engraved without any difference with foosball table of the time! Besides, perforated goals which only this model has, offer a unique and grateful look among all.


Ability to customize the foosball table as you wish, add interior lighting by bulb leds, or players chromium /nickel.



Hand-painted black MDF legs

Wooden boat box with black melamine finish

Gerflex black patterned play mat on a soft base

Aluminium bearings with Stella Champion logo

Anodised aluminium strips

Players : Black and white

Back-punched goals


Height: 93 cm

Length: 158 cm

Width: 100 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Play mat : Gerflex play mat with soft backing

Material body : Melamine wood 

Material feet : MDF wood, hand painted 

Material players : aluminium 

Material bars : drawn steel 

Type of bars : telescopic

Diameter : 15mm

Package size 173 x 115 x 65 cm

Size of playing surface: 126 x 73 cm

Balls: supplied with 3 natural cork balls, 1 white cork ball and 1 white plastic ball

Assembly: only screw-on feet

Warranty: 2 Generations *

Play with your head with this model

Possibility to make jumping balls thanks to the oblique side strips


2 generations*: Case and legs = 50 years; Bars and mechanical parts: 2 years*


Play with the head on this model

Stella style of play is unique and cannot be overstated. Large players are set up on this table to allow play with the players' heads.

Possibility to make jumping balls

Thanks to the slanted strips at the ends of the mat, you will be able to lob your opponent to score unforgettable goals.

Easy to assemble

Screws and nuts supplied on delivery or in the workshop. The 4 legs can be easily screwed on with a 17 mm spanner. Once tightened, the table is secure and the game can begin.

2 generation warranty

We have confidence in our table footballs as they are manufactured and designed in our workshops in Tourcoing. The body and legs are guaranteed for 50 years and the bars and mechanical parts for 2 years.



Days to change your mind




years of experience


Coffee table football: the Champion Collector

The Champion Collector is the gift to give to a retro and foosball lover. So if you're looking for a crazy gift for a vintage and coffee table fanatic, the Champion Collector is it. A bit like a geek's favourite figurine, our collector has its own charm and reminds us of the good old days from all angles. The goals are aesthetically more realistic, these details will also allow the lucky one to make lobs. A paint job is done in our workshops in Tourcoing to make the steel of the goals more authentic.

The tracing mat is optional on the classic model, on the Collector it is included! The score counter with round finish is placed above the goals, so as not to block the view of the box.

And in the manufacture, is my Stella Champion Collector?

Collector or not, you will find at Stella entry-level (not low-end) sports table football and high-end. The Collector has a particularity, its ball drop is an all-wooden circuit, a specific design put in place by our carpenters. This wooden run reinforces the quality and robustness of the Collector model. The game and the sensations will be the same as on a Classic Champion (except the extra lob with the high goal). The field is softer on a Champion Collector than on a Star or Home model, which will facilitate specific exchanges and passes. To make the game smoother and to enhance the feeling with the table football, the shock absorbers are made of high quality reinforced soft rubber. The custom-made "Stella Champion" bearings will allow you to identify the year of manufacture and therefore the value of your table football with the name of the city in which it was built. The bearings are fixed around the handles, but also around the other screws for finishing and reinforcement.

Choose the colour of your table football and personalise it ?

Taupe, white, yellow and red, beech or black are the colours offered when you buy the table football. You can then add customization options by contacting us directly. Do you want to make a team with the effigy of your little family? It's possible. You want to surprise him by installing LEDs? That's what we're here for. You think we can't print the logo of your favorite band on the front of the box? Think again. At Stella, we love to make foosball tables in your image: the proof!

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