Toi & Moi Coin Box
  • Toi & Moi Coin Box

Foosball Stella Toi&Moi black coin-operated

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It weighs only 55kg, it is small and yet it does not stop getting noticed: our table football Stella Toi & Moi coineur. Patron of café, bar or small restaurant you will be surprised by the success of your mini-game table which will quickly become a big piggy bank.

  • - Painted solid beech feet
  • - Stainless steel bearings
  • - Anodized aluminum angle profiles
  • - Bar diameter: 15 mm
  • - Aluminum players screwed on the bar
  • Carpet color: Green
  • Carpet color: Gray
  • Carpet color: Black
  • Carpet color: Red
  • Carpet color: Blue
  • Team 1: Red
  • Team 1: Blue
  • Team 1: Black
  • Team 1: White
  • Team 2: Red
  • Team 2: blue
  • Team 2: black
  • Team 2: White

The quality of the classic Toi & Moi but in a coin-operated version:

The Toi & Moi coin-operated table football has the same characteristics and advantages as the classic Toi & Moi : feet in painted solid beech, a hard and resistant medium wood, bars of 15mm diameter... The sensations of play will be the same too with, of course, the little pluses Stella : Possibility to play with the head, to make jumping balls or to block the ball

Promised, we manufacture it in our workshops in Tourcoing with the same carpenters as the big models (you can even come and see us). But if you look closely, the shape changes a little and you can see 2 small locks on the front of the table football and a coin-operated system. So you can put 0,50€ or 1€ coins in it and hope that the local bar will buy it to make the Friday nights even better!

A small table football coin-operated coffee machine

If you run a bar or café, the Stella Toi&Moi table football is a solution for you if you've recently said to your team: "We need to find a little something to liven up the bar". Perhaps you are short of space? Stella can adapt to your needs by offering you a unique 1m table football machine. How does it work? Very simple: visitors slip a 0.50€ or 1€ coin (you decide when you buy it) into the coin slot, the coin presses on a lever which then releases the balls.

The money is safely stored in the coin box inside the table football. At the end of the day, to release the coins you have 2 keys to open the table football in two and empty the coin box (if it is heavy, it is a good sign). Stella is since 1928 an artisanal manufacturer of table football, the Toi&Moi will bring to your home the atmosphere, but also a touch of nostalgia.

Black, beech or even yellow and red for the most vintage places you have the choice! An emblematic Stella Champion bearing reinforces the style, but also the grip of the handles. Metal reinforcement rods are added to the set-up, as you will quickly notice that from one player to another the difference in play can be significant. Don't worry if Mr. Muscles starts a game, because the steel bars of your table football are 15 mm in diameter!

You & Me foosball table - customizable coin box:

Our customers amaze us with their imagination: you&me table football covered with leather or completely tagged , we customize with many options. If you want to make a team of players that represents your employees, we will do it with pleasure: hair, t-shirt of the player and even skin color! We advise you to look at all the realisations to find yours. The Toi & Moi model is our most personalized foosball table and we understand why! What could be better than having a fun and original foosball table with its small size? Combine originality and customization to have a unique foosball table. For a marketing event, we can add your brand's logo on the face or the field of your table. From the amateur to the experienced player, Stella's Toi & Moi is our outsider in the world of table football.

Dimensions and weight :

  • Height: 93 cm
  • Length : 100 cm
  • Width : 90 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg

Materials of the Stella Toi&Moi coin-op :

  • Playing mat : Gerflex
  • Material of the box : Melamine wood box
  • Legs: Hand-painted solid beechwood legs
  • Material players : Aluminium players screwed on the bar
  • Material of bars : Drawn steel
  • Type of bars : telescopic
  • Bar diameter : 15 mm

Packing information :

  • Package size : 115 x 110 x 65 cm
  • Playing surface size : 55x73cm

Stella's little extras :

  • Balls : Delivered with 3 cork balls
  • Assembly : Only the feet to screw
  • Guarantee : 2 Generations *
  • Color : Yellow and red - Black - Beech

2 generations* : Case and feet = 2 generations ; Bars and mechanical parts : 2 years*

baby foot made in france


  • Delivered with 3 free cork balls
  • Customization Choice of handle shape
  • Equipped with a 0,5€ or 1€ coin slot, as you wish


  • Bakelite handles (59€ TTC)
  • Chrome/Nickel players (119€ TTC)


Silk-screen printing with the logo of your choice, LED lighting in the table football, tracings, stickers personalized.

With Stella everything becomes possible!



  • Delivery within 10 to 15 days
  • Adjustments and verifications in our workshop by our experts
  • Easy assembly: only the legs need to be fixed
  • 15 days to change your mind - After sales service available!
  • Delivery only on the ground floor
  • Contact us for a delivery with handling
  • Reinforced side protection on the top and sides of your package

livraison sous 4 semaines

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