• Football Table Stella You & Me Nature
  • Football Table Stella You & Me Nature
  • Football Table Stella You & Me Nature
  • Football Table Stella You & Me Nature
  • Football Table Stella You & Me Nature
  • Football Table Stella You & Me Nature

Foosball Stella Toi&Moi Nature

Do you love Stella's 1-on-1 Toi&Moi foosball? And there is this wooden table football so sublime, but so big... If only a mixture of the two was possible! It exists, it is the: foosball You&Moi Nature 2 players!


The main strengths

Solid wood vintage legs

Solid effect oak cabinet

Aged aluminum bearings branded Stella Champion

Anodized aluminum rods

Players: raw and aged aluminum

Score counters: light and dark boxwood

The technical specifications

Height : 93 cm

Length : 90 cm

Width : 100 cm

Weight : 55 kg

Playing surface : PVC on soft backing with field lines tracing

Cabinet material : MDF with genuine solid oak veneer

Legs material : Solid oak, retro style

Players material : Raw aluminum and aged aluminum, screwed onto the rods

Rods material : 15 mm chrome-plated steel

Rod type : Telescopic

Rod diameter : 15 mm

Goal cages : Stainless steel

Shock absorbers : Reinforced rubber

Handles : Round bakelite

Bearings : Aluminum, branded "Stella Champion"

Corner pieces : Anodized aluminum

Package dimensions : 115 x 115 x 65 cm

Playing surface dimensions : 54 x 73 cm

Weight : 70 kg

Balls : Comes with 3 natural cork balls, 1 white cork ball, and 1 white plastic ball

Assembly : Only the legs need to be assembled and handles need to be screwed on - 30 minutes with 2 people - wrench provided

Manufacturing Lead Time : 4 weeks

Manufacturing : Handcrafted & made in France in our workshops in Tourcoing

Warranty : 2 Generations *

Head play enabled with this model

Possibility of jump shots thanks to the angled side strips

2 generations *: Cabinet = 50 years; Legs, rods, and mechanical parts: 2 years *

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Stella's advantage

Game with the head on this model

We cannot emphasize it enough, the Stella playing style is unique. Great players are featured on this foosball table to allow playing with their heads.

Ability to make bouncing balls

With its angled bands at the ends of the playing surface, you'll have the opportunity to lob your opponent for unforgettable goals.

Simple assembly

Screws and nuts are provided during delivery or upon workshop setup. The 4 legs can be easily screwed on with a 17mm wrench. Once properly tightened, the foosball table is secure and the game can begin.

2 generations warranty

We have confidence in our foosball tables as they are manufactured and designed in our workshops in Tourcoing. The cabinet and legs are indeed guaranteed for 50 years, and the rods and mechanical parts are guaranteed for 2 years.

Our services

The specifics of the Toi & Moi Nature


Days to change your mind


Delivery weeks


Years of experience

A sturdy miniature football table made of 100% oak

Small and sturdy go hand in hand with Stella's Nature You & Me. For all those who dream of bringing the authentic Champion Nature into their home to add a touch of charm to their interior: its little brother and its 1 metre length will delight you! The case is made of oak veneer and sits nicely on 4 hand-cut legs made of fine oak. Experienced foosball players will love it: Bakelite handles finish off the solid telescopic bars of the table. The wooden ball outlet has been meticulously handcrafted. In the workshop, we decided to put wooden counters: one dark boxwood and the other lighter. It is the chrome and the nickel which allow to distinguish the two teams. In the heart of your living room or in the waiting area of your company premises, the small wooden table football Stella will make... sensation!

The sensations of the game amplified on a small table football

Sensations you say? As a football and table football fan, you know the adrenaline of the game! The softness of the wood hides a dynamic and fast game. If its small size is ideal to introduce the game Stella to your children. A smaller field surface will be a different challenge for the connoisseurs of table football. The accumulation of goals, the fluidity and the speed of the game will bring back the atmosphere and the emotions of the past. Send the ball to the sides on purpose to help you with the slanting stripes and don't forget...to abuse the heads !

livraison sous 4 semaines

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