Unique Partnership: Stella, AFS, and 1083 Unveil the First Jean & Leather Foosball Table

Discover the exceptional alliance between three determined French SMEs committed to preserving rare craftsmanship and pushing the boundaries of creativity. Stella, Les Ateliers Français de la Sellerie (AFS), and 1083 have joined forces to introduce the STELLA JEAN & CUIR, the world's first denim and leather foosball table. This creation, entirely made in France, embodies artisanal excellence and a commitment to reshoring. Explore how these three iconic companies have come together to give birth to a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship.

Stella Baby-foot et Billards

Renowned for its wooden foosball tables and billiards, Stella brings its expertise in artisanal craftsmanship and a rich history of innovation.

Les Ateliers Français de la Sellerie

Masters of leather craftsmanship and tailoring, AFS adds a touch of elegance by hand-wrapping the STELLA Jean & Cuir in full-grain leather.


As a pioneer in French reshoring, 1083 contributes with its 100% French denim fabrics, marking a crucial milestone in the spinning and production of eco-friendly textiles.

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Discover our Stella Leather & Jean Foosball Table

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Unique Partnership: Stella, AFS, and 1083 Unveil the First Denim & Leather Foosball Table

Creative and Asymmetrical Design

The STELLA J&C boasts a distinctly trendy and intentionally asymmetrical design, drawing inspiration from 1083 jeans.

Handcrafted Manufacturing

Each STELLA J&C is handcrafted by skilled upholsterer craftsmen, giving each piece a unique and exceptional character.

A Sublime Blend of Materials

The combination of gold leather and dark blue denim creates a unique aesthetic that highlights the originality of the STELLA J&C.

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Showcasing Artisanal Craftsmanship

With the STELLA J&C, Stella, 1083, and Les Ateliers Français de la Sellerie celebrate artisanal craftsmanship in all its glory.

This collaboration embodies a commitment to French heritage and 100% local manufacturing. Each STELLA J&C is the result of a heritage of craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation.

The STELLA J&C at the Maison & Objet Exhibition

We introduced you to the STELLA J&C, the world's first denim (1083) & leather foosball table, along with live demonstrations of hand-stitching on leather by the talented craftsmen of AFS. This unique experience allowed us to appreciate the expertise and creativity of these three exceptional French companies.

The STELLA J&C, a one-of-a-kind creation where tradition, innovation, and craftsmanship come together to offer an extraordinary gaming experience. Celebrate the union of Stella, AFS, and 1083, and discover a piece of authentic art Made in France.

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