The rules of Foosball by Stella

The rules are simple, but it is better to know them to avoid conflicts. The rules below are intended to promote the game and adapt to the characteristics of Stella foosball. These rules may be amended following a cordial agreement between the different players. It is best to state the rules before the start of the match.

1. Purpose of the game

To win the game, be the first to score 10 goals.

2. Commitment

The game starts with a draw in a fun way preferably. The commitment is then made by the winner, who can choose the side of the commitment.

When a team has just taken a goal, the ball is committed to the semis by the team that has just taken a goal. Make sure your, your opponents are ready to resume the game.

3. Return to play

During a ball table outing,the game resumes through the back of the camp where the ball came out.

If the ball is immobilized between two lines,it is the halves who had the previous commitment who resume the game.

4. Change of side and place

The change of side can be done halfway through the game on the solicitation of one of the players. In a way, this change of terrain allows you to take a short break and can serve as a half-time.

In doubles, the change of place in a team is only allowed after a goal scored and before the commitment.

5. Purpose of the halves

A goal scored by the semis is invalid. However, the next goal will count double. If this goal is scored again from the semis, it does not count. The game starts again with a return to play without goal validation.

6. Roulette

Castors consist of performing one or more rapid rotations with the bars, with or without releasing the handles. These are allowed but limited to one turn before and after the strike.

7. Rake

A rake consists in deflecting the ball of the opposing halves by these own halves. In order to facilitate the game, this maneuver is allowed.

8. Resumption

Replays consist of scoring a goal without prior control of the ball. This maneuver is allowed only if the opposing player has his hands on the wrists of the defense.

9. Pissette

The pissette is the fact of shooting at the goal with the attackers located at the end of the bar on the handle side of the player while the opposing goalkeeper and defender are shifted to the maximum on the same side. This manoeuvre is not permitted.

10. Bowl

There is a bowl when the ball enters the goal and comes out. The player who scored has the choice to keep the goal or have the opponent take a point away.

11. Fishing

This unauthorized maneuver consists of fetching the ball in hand when a goal is scored.

12. Ashtray

This movement that will yield five points consists in the ball coming to lodge on one of the ashtrays of foosball.

13. Lobs and Bands

The oblique side stripes, Stella Edge, allow you to make jumped balls and thus be able to lobe your opponents and make the game 3 dimensions! Thanks to this particularity you will be able to impress your opponents by scoring goals over the bars. In addition to having the admiration of your gaming partners, you collect two points. Play with the bands is therefore allowed and even encouraged! (video here)

14. Head

Mark your head counts for a point. Score from the head by making a lob, it's two points.

The prohibited:

  • Use accessories on bars that do not comply with the rules of the game.

  • Put your hands in foosball during the game.

  • Move or lift the game table.

  • Twist the bars.

  • All discomfort (shocks by the opposing halves or backs on the uprights of the baby during a shot or a control, shocks of the direct opposing players, violent shocks, vibration of the foosball,... etc).

  • Any attempt at distraction.

  • Have an aggressive attitude towards opponents.

  • Blow on the game.

Remember, as in all sports the most important thing is fair play and respect!