Date my Stella foosball

You inherited a Stella foosball and you want to date it?
Here is a short guide to estimate the age of your foosball.

Date my foosball thanks to the players

Until 1995 the players were molded on the bars. Subsequently, to facilitate their maintenance, the players were screwed on the bars. Here are photos of the two models below.

Bars with molded players are no longer on sale. However, you can buy bars as well as new players on our website in the spare parts category.

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Date my foosball thanks to its shape

The very first Stella foosballs in 1928 had a rectangular shape. These foosballs are now offered on our site under the name "Stella Retro".

The mythical "boat" form of Stella foosball appeared in 1959.

Baby Foot Mythique

Date my foosball thanks to ashtrays

If your foosball is equipped with ashtrays, you can quickly estimate its date of manufacture. Three types of ashtrays were produced over different periods. They differ in the writing that is engraved on them:

  • From 1928 to 1970: "Paris"

Stella foosballs were first made in our capital!

  • From 1970 to 2016: "Oye-Plage"

The workshops were repatriated to Oye Plage, on the Opal side in 1970.

  • From 2016: "Tourcoing"

The workshops were moved a second time to the city of Tourcoing in 1995. However, ashtrays only had the brand "Tourcoing" very recently, starting in 2016.

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Date my foosball thanks to the serial number

Unfortunately, we cannot date a foosball to the serial number because the archives have been lost over the 90-year history of Stella. However, if you have any information that can help us trace the history of our foosballs, we will be happy to receive it.

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