Foosball Lexicon

Do you want to use the typical expressions of foosball? We have listed the best terms you can use to amaze your friends.

Attackers: Name of the bars of 3 players in the attacking line.

Auto blocking: this is the fact of automatically blocking a ball coming from the back with attackers. To achieve this, forward players must keep an inclination of about 50°. It is a technique that requires a lot of training to be perfectly realized.

Sweep: this technique consists of rolling the ball under a player's foot or moving the ball from one player to another. The goal is to destabilize the opposing player and make your actions more unpredictable. Vigilance, this technique can make you lose the ball to the advantage of your opponent!

Jumped balls: Thanks to the oblique stripes of Stella foosball, you can tap the ball against the edge of the playing field to make it jump!

Bands: When a goal is scored by having the ball hit against the side of the playing field.

Block the ball in cassette: When you block the ball behind the player

Block the ball in trade: When you block the ball in front of the player

Cendar: It's THE mythical blow, when the ball ends up in the ashtray!

Half: Name of the middle bars of 5 players

Fanny: Shame and humiliation for the one who will make a fanny. Indeed, it is a defeat on a draw or worse, negative score! The two teams agree before or during the game on the consequences of a fanny, often the passage under the baby ...

Kid: It's a raise from the back that is countered by the attackers and that generates a goal

Lob: When a goal is scored by passing the ball over the goalkeeper

Fishing or draft: This is when a player scores a goal and then goes with his hand to get the ball in the cage before it goes down. This maneuver is not allowed in the rules of foosball by Stella!

Pissette: It's the act of shooting at the goal with the attackers located at the end of the bar on the handle side of the player while the opposing goalkeeper and defender are shifted to the maximum on the same side. This maneuver is not allowed in the rules of foosball by Stella!

Rateau: A rake consists of deflecting the ball from opposing halves by these own halves. In order to facilitate the game, this maneuver is allowed in the rules of foosball by Stella!

Recovery: Restarts consist of scoring a goal without prior control of the ball. This maneuver is allowed in the rules of foosball by Stella only if the opposing player has his hands on the wrists of the defense or in duplicate.

Roulette: Castors consist of performing one or more rapid rotations with the bars, with or without releasing the handles. These are allowed but limited to one turn before and after the strike.

Soap: New ball that is therefore slippery and difficult to play

Tackle: When a player deliberately mistakes the bar in order to hit opposing players to prevent him from controlling the bar. This technique, in addition to being anti-game, strongly damages foosball!