Buying a used Stella Foosball?

At Stella, we only offer new foosballs. You can find used foosballs on resale sites from individuals to individuals such as Le Bon Coin or Ebay.

We advise you to be extremely vigilant when buying a used foosball. It seems necessary to us to see the foosball before the purchase and to check some key elements:

Crate and feet

These elements being made of wood, it is essential that there are no cracks or significant damage because these parts are not sold as spare parts and are difficult to repair yourself. Do not hesitate to check the interior condition of the body.

However, some scratches will have no impact on the structure and strength of foosball. The feet of all our models can be easily repainted using our paint taking up our official colors. For Retromodels, you can even repaint the body.


The greatest vigilance is required for the bars. Indeed, if they are twisted, it may be necessary to change the inner stem. If all the bars are twisted, then it is necessary to count a budget of up to 250 € to repair everything. In this case, it is sometimes better to buy a new foosball. Sometimes the bars only require oiling to regain optimal sliding. Do not hesitate to bring your oil back when buying foosball to be able to establish your diagnosis.


Stella foosballs were equipped with players molded on the bars until the 90s. These bars with molded players are very difficult to find which makes it difficult to replace them. On the contrary, foosballs with players screwed on the bars are more economical to repair because you can change the element of your choice.


Remember to check that all the screws are present. These elements are easily found in quicillerie but can testify to a lack of care of the previous owner(s).

The singing cover

This is the part covering the sides of foosball, they are red, chrome or black. Their change is very easy and the price of spare parts is affordable. The condition of this element should not hinder your purchase but it can be an element to negotiate the price of your foosball!

Game mats

All Stella foosballs are equipped with a high-end Gerflex mat. It is essential to check that the wooden structure under the carpet is in good condition. Indeed, it is impossible to find in the trade wooden structures for carpet. You will then have to disassemble the wooden game background and reproduce it identically.

If the carpet is stained, you can probably clean it by following our advice.

Be aware that if the carpet is too damaged or you want to change the color, we sell them pre-cut and you can watch our video explaining how to change your carpet.

The coiner

Some foosballs can be equipped with a coin. Please check that the mechanism is working properly. An old mechanism can sometimes be seized and in this case a sobering and oil will suffice. However, if the mechanism is broken, it will have to be changed. We offer different models but no longer have a square-faced coiner.