Rich in its history and resolutely in its time, Stella has always strived to place the pleasure of the game at the center of its concerns when designing and producing its legendary foosballs.

It was on the eve of the Second World War that Auguste Sarrault, the 1st president of the French Confederation of The Automatic, imagined his 1st foosball. Already at the origin of many games of skill and counter, Mr. Sarrault reaches the top of his art by imagining a mythical foosball that will remain forever engraved in the memory of players over the generations. Its name: the Foosball Stella Champion.

It was in 1948 that the Champion model reached the peak of its success. Today considered a retro foosball (this nickname has also become its current name), the latter already has at the time its irreplaceable telescopic steel bars, its famous association of yellow / red colors, the possibility of playing with the head, its players with vertical feet equipped with hooves that have always been the happiness of purists. Its commercialization ended in 1959, when it was replaced by its more modern version, the current Champion model. The main evolution comes from the body now in "boat shape".

In 1995, at the time of the move to the Tourcoing workshop, new models appeared. With the ambition to integrate households, more "family" models are emerging in the same way as other models specially dedicated to export. Whether in homes, communities, or bars... in the United States, Eastern Europe, Africa, Stella is now everywhere!

Following the purchase of the Deutscher Meister brand in 2011, the catalog of Stella foosball,has been enriched with 5 models. With these two brands, the company offers itself more than ever export prospects, particularly on the German and Dutch markets where the brand is a real reference.

In addition to foosball, the passion for coffee games lies at the heart of Stella's DNA. The brand has always developed and imagined products that originated in the electric atmosphere of the bars and estaminets of yesteryear. Nicolas billiards completes the range of foosball in the same way that this great basketball game will do when it is out of its current phase of development.

Today, Stella embodies a new movement: table footballing, this art of living and this new aesthetic around foosball that carries simple values: game stories, beautiful objects and the pleasure of meeting around a good part!

More than a thousand foosball, is now produced every year in the Stella workshops of Tourcoing with a single ambition whatever the place: to provide the true emotions of a moment shared with family or friends!