The materials used to make your table soccer

Choose the material you want on the body and legs of your foosball table.

The materials used to make your table soccer

A resistant case

There are three different body materials: MDF, HPL and solid wood. HPL is used for outdoor models, while indoor models are made of MDF or solid wood. There are also exceptional materials such as oak, leather or aluminum.

Stainless steel bars and goals

We have chosen stainless steel for its strength and durability, that's why many parts are made of stainless steel.

Better adhesion to the carpet

For the field of our foosball tables, we have opted for gerflex mats. They are glued on the playing surface of the foosball tables on a wooden board. Gerflex mats allow a good ball control. Gerflex is recognized as the best material for foosball mats. Gerflex mats provide good ball control, speed and aesthetics.

The strength of aluminum

All of our Stella foosball tables are equipped with aluminum players. Aluminum is a light and ultra-resistant material, it does not rust. Moreover, the material is 100% recyclable.


A resistant body material

Stainless steel players

A resistant case material

Gerflex carpet

A resistant body material