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Compact french billiard : the Auguste

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The French billiards Auguste is an elegant billiards and seductive by its compact size and retro style. One look is enough to succumb to its charm.

It combines noble materials: oak and brushed aluminum.

The 100% French design revives your emotions of yesteryear.

  • Carpet color: Gray
  • Carpet color: Black
  • Carpet color: Red
  • Carpet color: Blue
Desktop + Table Pong Option
Sol Stella Hairstys option

the technical specifications

Billiard table dimensions :

Height : 81 cm
Length : 157,8 cm
Width : 90,5 cm

Dimensions de la surface de jeu :

Height : 132 cm
Length : 65 cm

Weight : 100 kg

Playing Surface: Simonis 920 wool and nylon playing surface

Frame Material: Solid oak

Leg Material: Solid oak

Playing Slate: 19mm composite slate (HPL) professionally tested and approved

Pockets: Pockets with brushed aluminum trim

Stella Center Bearing: Black, red, or raw aluminum

Adjustable Rubber Levelers for Billiard Stability

Cushions: Natural rubber cushions

Package dimensions : 170 x 105 x 52 cm

Weight : 110 kg

Your pool table comes with:

Balls: An Aramith ball set including 2 red balls and 1 white ball with a diameter of 50.8 mm, designed to fit the size of the pool table for optimal play experience.

Cues: 2 cues of 145 cm to accommodate your preferences and needs.

Chalk: A set of 2 chalks in the same color as the cloth.

Assembly: Only the legs need to be attached by screwing.

Cloth Color: Black - Red - Slate Gray.

Stella's Advantages

An unprecedented compact size

With its unprecedented size, mirroring the shape of Stella foosball tables, this pool table allows you to save space without compromising on game quality.

Noble and durable materials

Designed and manufactured in our workshops in Tourcoing, Hauts-de-France, our pool tables combine quality materials: oak and brushed aluminum.

Easy assembly

Already assembled in our workshops, you just need to attach the legs of your pool table using the screws provided in your package.

Ready to play, fully equipped

Your Auguste pool table comes fully equipped for multiplied enjoyment. It includes an Aramith ball set with 2 red balls and 1 white ball, 2 cues of 145 cm, as well as a set of 2 chalks.

The Stella pool table options

Indulge in the Ping-Pong + Desk option

Transform your pool table into a desk.

Transform your pool table into an elegant and spacious desk with a real oak veneer top and an MDF core for added durability, measuring 95 x 163 cm and 15 mm thick.

And into a Ping-Pong table

We've designed a brushed aluminum Ping-Pong net to make indoor Ping-Pong games even more unique. The Auguste pool table will be delivered with an oak tabletop measuring 95 x 163 cm, a branded 'Stella' brushed aluminum net with installation system, 2 Cornilleau Ping Pong paddles, and a set of 3 Cornilleau Ping Pong balls.

Indulge in the Stella Floor Cue Rack option

Stella Floor Cue Rack option

We've designed an elegant solid oak floor cue rack with a provision for the game triangle, capable of holding 4 pool cues.

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