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Foosball Stella Toi & Me

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Living in an apartment or having a very small bar in the heart of the city is no longer a hindrance to afford a Stella foosball. Small size, but great quality! The Stella Toi&Moi 2 players,your favorite half-foosball!

  • - Painted solid beech feet
  • - Vinyl play mats
  • - Telescopic steel bars
  • - Aluminum players screwed on the bar
  • - Stainless steel bearings

Customize this foosball in 3D here.


Hand-painted solid beech legs

White MDF body

Grey Gerflex play mat

Aluminium players


Height: 93 cm

Length: 90 cm

Width: 100 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Play mat: Gerflex play mat 

Body material: MDF 

Legs: Solid beech

Material of players: aluminium

Bar material: stainless steel

Type of bars: telescopic

Rod diameter: 15 mm

Package size: 115 x 115 x 65 cm

Size of playing surface: 54 x 73 cm

Balls: supplied with 3 natural cork balls, 1 white cork ball and 1 white plastic ball

Assembly: screw-on feet only

Warranty: 2 Generations *

Play with your head with this model

Possibility of jumping balls thanks to the oblique side strips

2 generations* : Body and legs = 50 years; Bars and mechanical parts: 2 years*.


Play with the head on this model

We can't say it often enough: the Stella style of play is unique. Large players are placed on this table to allow you to play with their heads.

Possibility of jumping balls

Thanks to the oblique strips at the ends of the mat, you can lob your opponent to score unforgettable goals.

Easy to assemble

Screws and nuts supplied on delivery or in the workshop. The 4 legs can be easily screwed on using a 17 mm spanner. Once tightened, the table is secure and play can begin.

2-generation guarantee

We're confident in our table football because it's made and designed in our workshops in Tourcoing. The body and legs are guaranteed for 50 years, and the bars and mechanical parts are guaranteed for 2 years.



Days to change your advice


weeks of delivery


years of experience


2-bar table football - Stella Toi&Moi

Stella Baby-Foot has been making table football since 1928, and now you can relive the passion of this unique game with the Toi & Moi in white or taupe. It's impossible not to succumb to the emotions of yesteryear with this vintage model. 

Unlike the old models that took pride of place in cafés, the Toi & Moi can also be found in an outdoor version to extend the pleasure and sharing in your garden or terrace. If you still have doubts about the quality of our products, you should know that Stella Baby-Foot has built its reputation in the many cafés and bars of Northern France by systematically supplying a quality table football to give you plenty of excitement.

Small table football - maxi progression, maxi quality!

Your miniature table football is cute! Don't be fooled by how cute it is, because a lot of professional foosball players train on 2-bar foosball tables. The smaller surface area of our junior foosball table will make the game tougher and improve your skills. Work on your attack and defence during a one-to-one game or even on your own! It's easier and more fun to play alone on the Stella Toi&Moi. Improve your passing, tame the ball, master passing and become a table football pro!

At Stella, quality doesn't go down with the size of the table - quite the opposite! The Toi&Moi is made in the same workshop and with the same care as a mastro like the Rétro. We know that most of its users use it a lot to improve their skills. That's why we've installed metal reinforcement rods and round or long non-slip handles for intensive use.

The legs of Toi&Moi are made of solid beech, a hard, attractive and resistant wood that our carpenters work and paint by hand in our workshops. You'll benefit from attention to detail: the landings are fixed with decorative stainless steel Stella lozenges, long score counters are placed next to the goals, and the corner profiles behind the goals are made of anodised aluminium, making this a high-quality, decorative little baby.

A small football table to maximise space

A table football table in our 50m2 flat? Out of the question! Your significant other is probably imagining the imposing bar game table she'll have to squeeze around. All you have to do is find an ideal 90 x 100 cm spot to convince her! Your baby table weighs just 40 kg and all that's left to do is fix the legs on delivery. Don't forget to add that this is a historic and decorative Stella table. Let her choose the colour: black, beech, yellow or white, to match your decor! And don't forget how romantic the Toi&Moi table is. Stella makes love rhyme with football (who would have thought?)

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