Stella values


A French company that has been in business for over 90 years, Stella is one of the references in the field of foosball.

We want to offer our customers quality foosball tables and billiards with materials specifically chosen for their resistance and durability. 

Proud to propose a unique know-how since its creation, it knew how to renew its models through the times. We have carried out constant research and development work so that it is at the cutting edge of technology in its field. One objective, to provide the best possible product to the customer.

This is why our products are guaranteed for 50 years. In addition, you can find all spare parts on our website. A company that is itself sustainable. It gathers its craftsmen around the passion of the table games and a so particular know-how. Designing foosball tables is a very meticulous job and no detail is left to chance.


Our structure is human-sized, which allows us to be flexible and adaptable quickly. A table soccer for an imperative date? Our team will do everything possible to ensure that it is available on time.

We have an open mind. We listen to our employees and our customers in order to respond favorably to your requests, from the color of a wacky case to the personalization of the players. 

The whole team is at your disposal, contact us. 

We listen to you. Our way of working is based on benevolence. We care about the well-being of our customers.

We answer to all your requests personalization that it is of the colors of case or the hyperpersonalization, a table soccer with the color of your interior or of your company

We are flexible in our way of working to give our employees freedom. This is reinforced by the customization options that allow us to manufacture a custom foosball table or billiards. 

Values that unite
Stella's employees
and customers


At Stella, you have to be a team player because there is no individual success.

We put sharing at the center of our values. We are an intergenerational company that makes a timeless game.

We share our failures as well as our successes and it is all together that we will succeed!

We all work together to achieve a common goal. We foster a positive work atmosphere to maintain excellent team cohesion. 

Our employees are passionate about their work and the pleasure of the game, we count among us great fans of table soccer. With the game Stella, we share unique emotions and sensations.

We recruit many apprentices in order to transmit the Stella know-how to them.  

A close-knit, energetic and enthusiastic team, that's Stella Loisirs!


At Stella, we care about our customers' needs. We want to take on new challenges by proposing innovative ideas that are ready to be implemented.

That's why we offer unusual products such as the XXL foosball table, where playing with 8 people is no longer a problem, and the compact billiard table that responds to space constraints. Innovation is at the heart of our concerns!

Stella has proposed many innovations: the outdoor table soccer, the Sixties range, or, recently, with the extension of its compact billiards range. We collaborate together for the innovation of tomorrow. 

We also want to set up co-creation to include you in the design process. Your participation is essential! Let's propose together innovative solutions that will allow you to have fun.