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Nicolas Coffee Table Billiards

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A little history: The Billiards with Bellows Nicolas is invented in 1895 by Mr. Nicolas. Since then, this game has been growing in France but is still unknown abroad. This is a game of skill that is suitable for all ages. It is the game that brings the family around the table to exchange and have fun together. A unique moment to share!

Nicolas Billiard

The main assets

Black melamine crown

Melamine tray in beech style

Aluminum lyres and natural rubber pears


Le billard Nicolas est fourni avec des bouchons en plastique permettant d’obturer des trous du plateau de jeu dans l’hypothèse d'un joueur manquant.

The technical data sheet

Table height : 42 cm

Inner diameter of the field : 4 players : 65 cm | 6 players : 80 cm

Outer diameter of the billiard : 4 players : 82 cm | 6 players : 95 cm

Weight: 4 players : 8.5 kg - 6 players: 9.5 kgg

Tabletop: Beech-style melamine tabletop

Crown: Black melamine crown

Balls: Plastic balls

Lyres: Aluminum lyres

Pears: Resilient and durable pears made of natural rubber

Buses: Cast aluminum buses

Balls: Cork ballS

Tabletop: Natural wood tabletop in mahogany style

Crown: Black melamine crown

Balls: Boxwood balls for exceptional finish

Lyres: Aluminum lyres

Pears: Resilient and durable pears made of natural rubber

Buses: Cast aluminum buses

Balls: Cork balls

Package dimensions: 4-player: 86 x 84 x 10 cm | 6-player: 100 x 100 x 10 cm

Delivery within 4 weeks

Game rules provided

Pears: 4 players: 4 pears equipped with their buses | 6 players: 6 pears equipped with their buses

Lyres: 4 players: 4 lyres | 6 players: 6 lyres

Balls: 3 cork balls

Plugs: 4 players: 2 plastic plugs for plugging holes on the playing surface in case of a missing player | 6 players: 4 plugs

Stella's strengths

French manufacturing

Like all our billiard and foosball tables, the Nicolas is manufactured and assembled in our workshops in Tourcoing, in the Hauts-de-France region.

Quick Installation

The Nicolas billiard table is known for its quick installation. Stored in its packaging box, it will take you no more than two minutes to set it up. Simply take out the tabletop, place it on a table, insert the four lyres into the already fixed lyre holders on the tabletop, and insert a pear into each lyre. And the game is on !

A quality billiard table

All our products are tested and verified upon production completion. All spare parts are available and will remain so over time.

Ready to play, fully equipped

Your Nicolas billiard table comes fully equipped for multiplied enjoyment. You'll find the game rules, 4 pears and their lyres, 3 cork balls, and 2 plugs included.

The rules of the Nicolas billiard game

The objective of the game is simple: each player defends their goal by preventing the ball from entering the hole located under the pear they hold. The pear allows them, with a simple press, to blow the ball towards the opponents' hole. When the ball enters a hole on the tabletop, the player responsible for protecting that same hole is assigned a losing point. The winner is the one who has accumulated the fewest losing points. It is also forbidden to remove the pear from its designated lyre. If this happens inadvertently, the player cannot press the pear until it has returned to its original position. Similarly, it is naturally forbidden to blow with the mouth on the playing surface or to alter the inclination of the tabletop to favor one side or the other.



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