Foosball Stella Champion Outdoor Taupe

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The best thing about the Stella Champion Outdoor Foosball Table is that you don't have to worry about it in the rainy season. Thanks to its treated wood, it is very resistant to bad weather. Its new taupe finish will fit everywhere, it adapts perfectly to the outdoor space you have.Have the option of a jack to stabilize the table soccer on your field and the carpet traced for the aesthetics of the soccer field.

Champion Outdoor grey declination
Champion Outdoor taupe declination


champion effet chene

Unvarnished Moabi legs with jacks

Taupe box in HPL

Taupe PVC play mat on a soft background

Aluminum players

Decorative ashtrays

Champion Outdoor

The Champion model is an exceptional outdoor table soccer, a vintage design that will dress up your garden. The jacks are included in this model. 

You will be able to take advantage of the good weather to make unforgettable outdoor games. Its contemporary shape will perfectly match your exterior. 

As for performance, you will enjoy the same features that have made Stella's reputation: the sloping side strips, the head covers, the rubber shock absorbers... 

This model is available in several colors: anthracite gray, white, Belle-Ile green, Cap Ferret blue, taupe or oak.


Height : 93 cm

Length : 158 cm

Width 100 cm

Weight : 100 kg

Playing mat : Playing mat made of PVC on a soft background

Material body : Hpl oak effect

Material feet : moabi unvarnished

Material players : aluminium

Material bars : stainless steel

Type of bars : telescopic

Bar diameter: 15 mm

Package size: 173 x 112 x 52 cm

Dimension of the playing surface : 126 x 73 cm

Balls : delivered with 3 natural cork balls and 3 white plastic balls

Assembly : only the feet to screw

Warranty : 10 years *

Play with your head with this model

Possibility of making jumping balls thanks to the oblique side strips

Warranty* : Case = 10 years; Bars and mechanical parts: 2 years*.


Play with the head on this model

We can't say it enough, the Stella style of play is unique. Large players are set up on this foosball table to allow play with their heads.

Possibility of making jumping balls

With slanted strips on the ends of the mat, you'll be able to lob your opponent for unforgettable goals.

Easy to assemble

Screws and nuts provided upon delivery or at the workshop. The 4 legs can be screwed easily with a 17 mm wrench. Once tightened, the table is secure and the game can begin.

10 years warranty

We are confident in our table footballs since they are manufactured and designed in our workshops in Tourcoing. The body is guaranteed for 10 years and the bars and mechanical parts for 2 years.



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the champion's specifications

famille entrain de jouer au babyfoot en extérieur

Stella Outdoor - The outdoor soccer baby!

Whether you own a sports bar with a huge terrace or a foosball enthusiast with a garden that is so empty, we've done it for you: The Stella Outdoor. 

The Holy Grail for BBQ parties and the ally during pub breaks on game nights. You'll be allowed to get mad without paying attention, to spill your soda on the tray and even pieces of chips, because everything will go down the drain!

The Stella Outdoor is the promise of hours of table soccer even when it rains. In the rain, invent new games... A baby water perhaps?

After the cell phone, the watch or the mascara, Stella makes the table soccer waterproof. How can you leave your foosball table in the garden all year round in the cold, wind and rain? Don't panic foosball player, we appreciate how you worry about your Stella Outdoor, but it's a lot tougher than you think. We've taken care to select the best materials to make it durable and give it all the features of an outdoor foosball table.

The materials that make your baby foot waterproof

Stella's Outdoor is 100% stainless steel: stainless steel goals and hardware for permanent outdoor use. 

The telescopic bars made of rectified stainless steel cannot rust! For this model, our craftsmen used special feet made of solid rot-proof moabi wood. 

The solid wood, chosen for its authentic appearance, but especially for its ability to resist to humidity and UV. You can be sure that your wood will not swell or bend! To allow you to hose down your foosball table, you will find an HPL laminate underneath the Gerflex field as well as the body. 

HPL is a material used in swimming pools and bathrooms. You now know your baby by heart so don't feel bad about letting it sleep outside! The jacks also allow you to have a flat area to play foosball in your garden.

victoire au babyfoot 100% extérieur
Champion outdoor au bord d'une piscine en extérieur

A 2 in 1 table soccer : Indoor and Outdoor:

If it doesn't fit inside, it will fit outside! That's what makes it the best friend of owners of small houses with gardens. Baristas, restaurant owners and other brave souls, we have thought of you, no more back and forth and drawing lots to know: "who will bring the table soccer in tonight? So let's have a game in the sun?

Moreover, when the temperature drops, the Stella Outdoor will also fit into your home thanks to its particularly well thought-out design and modern, timeless colors. 

You can play with your head on this model and make jumping balls with the help of the oblique side strips. Discover all our Stella Foosballs (watch out, there are some wonders!)

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