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Living in an apartment or having a very small bar in the heart of the city is no longer a hindrance to afford a Stella foosball. Small size, but great quality! The Stella Toi&Moi 2 players,your favorite half-foosball!


The main strengths

Solid wood vintage legs

Solid effect oak cabinet

Aged aluminum bearings branded Stella Champion

Anodized aluminum rods

Players: raw and aged aluminum

Score counters: light and dark boxwood

The technical specifications

Height : 93 cm

Length : 90 cm

Width : 100 cm

Weight : 55 kg

Playing surface : Gerflex on soft backing with field lines tracing

Cabinet material : MDF with genuine solid oak veneer

Legs material : Solid oak, retro style

Players material : Raw aluminum and aged aluminum, screwed onto the rods

Rods material : 15 mm chrome-plated steel

Rod type : Telescopic

Rod diameter : 15 mm

Goal cages : Stainless steel

Shock absorbers : Reinforced rubber

Handles : Round bakelite

Bearings : Aluminum, branded "Stella Champion"

Corner pieces : Anodized aluminum

Package dimensions : 115 x 115 x 65 cm

Playing surface dimensions : 54 x 73 cm

Weight : 70 kg

Balls : Comes with 3 natural cork balls, 1 white cork ball, and 1 white plastic ball

Assembly : Only the legs need to be assembled and handles need to be screwed on - 30 minutes with 2 people - wrench provided

Manufacturing Lead Time : 4 weeks

Manufacturing : Handcrafted & made in France in our workshops in Tourcoing

Warranty : 2 Generations *

Head play enabled with this model

Possibility of jump shots thanks to the angled side strips

2 generations *: Cabinet = 50 years; Legs, rods, and mechanical parts: 2 years *

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Stella's advantage

Game with the head on this model

We cannot emphasize it enough, the Stella playing style is unique. Great players are featured on this foosball table to allow playing with their heads.

Ability to make bouncing balls

With its angled bands at the ends of the playing surface, you'll have the opportunity to lob your opponent for unforgettable goals.

Simple assembly

Screws and nuts are provided during delivery or upon workshop setup. The 4 legs can be easily screwed on with a 17mm wrench. Once properly tightened, the foosball table is secure and the game can begin.

2 generations warranty

We have confidence in our foosball tables as they are manufactured and designed in our workshops in Tourcoing. The cabinet and legs are indeed guaranteed for 50 years, and the rods and mechanical parts are guaranteed for 2 years.

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Years of experience

The specific features of the Toi & Moi Nature table

The jewel foosball table: the Toi & Moi Nature

Since 1928, Stella has become the leading French company in the north of France. After equipping many bars and cafés in the region, Stella offers you to rediscover its know-how through a unique game experience thanks to a jewel football table, the Milano with a glass table. If your goal is to have a great game of foosball, with lots of laughs and a feeling of competition, the Milano with a glass table is really for you. You will benefit from Stella's know-how and experience in designing a solid foosball table, respecting traditional codes but using much more contemporary materials for a very successful vintage effect..

The Milano, the ultimate foosball table

Directly inspired by the Toi & Moi Nature model, the Milano is a small table football that will allow you to enjoy a very fast game. Its small surface does not mean that the emotions and intensity will be the same, on the contrary, it is the ideal opportunity to play one-on-one with an opponent who will be able to take advantage of the large players to speed up the controls and the passes. Another special feature is the presence of oblique side strips on the back of the game to have even more fun, lobbing your opponent and achieving technical moves that will allow you to score sensational goals. As a result, you will find yourself with an inimitable game with an omnipresent comfort of play. The 90 years of experience of Stella will be felt through this table football truly considered as a jewel.

The guaranteed sensations thanks to high-quality materials

With the addition of a safety glass top, you can transform your table football into a high table in no time. Stella does not betray its reputation by combining with finesse gerflex, bakelite, oak and aluminium for an irresistible result. Thanks to its dual function, you can enjoy a particularly intense game of table football or, on the contrary, have a high table to sip a drink. Thanks to its small size, the Milano with glass table will easily fit in any interior with colours that you can customize to fit perfectly.

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