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It's time to take the bull by the horns, or rather foosball by the handles! Treat yourself to an exceptional finish on the sumptuous Toi&Moi by Stella in hammered aluminum. Easily train alone on your 2-bar foosball and summon your most formidable opponent. It's your match! Will he master the small area of a 2-player foosball? This model exists in only 50 numbered copies!



Hand-painted solid beech legs

Body with genuine hammered aluminum trim

Grey PVC play

Antique aluminum bearings with Stella Champion logo

Players: chrome and nickel


Height: 93 cm

Length: 90 cm

Width: 100 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Play mat : PVC play mat

Body material: Medium wood - genuine hammered aluminum trim

Legs: Hand-painted solid beech legs

Player material: Chrome and nickel-plated players screwed to the bar

Bar material: Telescopic steel bars

Bar type : Telescopic steel bars

Package size: 115 x 110 x 65 cm

Size of playing surface: 54 x 73 cm

Weignt : 70 kg

Balls: supplied with 3 natural cork balls, 1 white cork ball and 1 white plastic ball

Assembly: screw-on feet only

Warranty: 2 Generations *

Play with your head with this model

Possibility of jumping balls thanks to the oblique side strips

2 generations* : Body and legs = 50 years; Bars and mechanical parts: 2 years*.


Play with the head on this model

We can't say it often enough: the Stella style of play is unique. Large players are placed on this table to allow you to play with their heads.

Possibility of jumping balls

Thanks to the oblique strips at the ends of the mat, you can lob your opponent to score unforgettable goals.

Easy to assemble

Screws and nuts supplied on delivery or in the workshop. The 4 legs can be easily screwed on using a 17 mm spanner. Once tightened, the table is secure and play can begin.

2-generation guarantee

We're confident in our table football because it's made and designed in our workshops in Tourcoing. The body and legs are guaranteed for 50 years, and the bars and mechanical parts are guaranteed for 2 years.



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The Stella Toi&Moi in hammered aluminium - our jewel

The Toi&Moi is dressed in hammered aluminium. It's a bit of a copy of the Factory champion, but the little guy has his own special features! The Toi&Moi all in aluminium will adapt to your changes of taste and decoration since aluminium has the power to blend very easily. It's our eternal, classy and futuristic foosball table that will go through the years with panache and may end up in your nephew's living room in 2090! Its white vinyl playing surface highlights the shiny chrome and nickel players, the chic touch we love, as well as its bakelite pro handles. High quality finishes and materials to give you a top of the line foosball table. A play of textures and a difference in the reading of materials with the corner profiles in anodised aluminium on hammered aluminium. The solid beech legs are hand-painted in black (you can choose another colour on request). The boxwood used for the scorekeeping contrasts with the metallic effect of our Toi&Moi alu, but will it soften your opponent's mood when he sees your points accumulating? Above a black central ball exit, a beautiful stainless steel landing with black Stella paint is proudly displayed. The aluminium that covers it in its entirety makes your Toi&Moi semi-precious, solid, aesthetic, but above all durable !

The Stella Toi&Moi in hammered aluminium - control its surface

With its workshop assembly by our carpenters and its metal reinforcement rods, you can count on Stella's strength! Concentrate on your game and optimize your level with its small surface, it is your secret to win the next tournament!

The soft rubber of the shock absorbers will bring you a new comfort of play and fluidity in your movements. On this model, the stainless steel diamonds around the handles release a specific lubricant to facilitate the game and the maintenance of the bars.

If you have never played on a Stella, you will see that it is possible to use the vertical hoofed feet of the players and their heads to block the ball. Repeat your shots several times, use the slanted side strips to bounce the ball and control the surface. You&me is smaller, the dynamism of the game is amplified and so is the speed. Surprise your friends and family or your usual opponents by introducing them to the feel of Stella on a small court. The unique game Stella has crossed the ages and generations, do not hesitate to ask your ancestors for advice and then summon your opponent !

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